Seattle Cargo Bike Rides

Come ride with us most major holidays.
All rides end at a city park for a community potluck picnic.
Everyone is invited, cargo bike or not. AGAIN: You do not need a cargo bike to join us!

All rides meet at Noon and leave at 1 PM

These community based picnic rides started in 2005 during Bike Summer.
Come see some fun bikes and cool cats.
We haul fire (well, Carl does), BBQs, charcoal briquettes, grill-ables, cast iron, people, food (lots and lots of food), spare rain gear, an axe, fire wood, wood stoves, Frisbees, dogs, beer, well, you get the idea.

New Years Day: Opening Day Ride - Pier 70 (Olympic Sculpture Garden) to Pratt Park (BBQ grills = NO) Details

Easter: Pier 70 (Olympic Sculpture Garden) to Gas Works (BBQ grills = YES) Details

Memorial Day: Cargo Bike Jamboree - Pike Place Pig to Lincoln Park (BBQ grills = YES) Details

Independence Day: Family Haulin' Fourth - Pergola in Pioneer Square to Terminal 107 Park (BBQ grills = NO) Details

Labor Day: Possie's on Broadway - 20/20 Cycle to Cowen Park (BBQ grills = YES) Details

This is the Annual Val Kleitz Memorial Ride

Buy Nothing Day (day after Thanksgiving): Hot Stuff Cargo Bike Ride
Pike Place Pig to The Hat and Boots a.k.a. Oxbow Park (BBQ grills = NO) Details

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Past Rides: