Easter Sunday 2009 Cargo Bike Ride
April 12th 1 PM

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Easter: the day the bunnies hatch!

Springtime is almost here, time to celebrate and grab a beer! Jesus died and rose again, and so will you post-ride after a pick-me-up at the local pub with friends! This year, we're giving you plenty of time to go to church and still make the ride.

Meet at High One PM on April 12th at the METAL ROCK, at the north end of the Delridge Playfield; near the Delridge Community Center, the merry-go-round, and the picnic tables. Google Map View (you can see the rock in the Google view). The Playfield is across the street from the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center. We will spend an hour or so eating lunch and waiting for the posse to show up. Show up ON TIME to get the best selection of goodies. Bring yummy food and beverages to share, emphasis on local and organic. Also, bring your own plates, forks and cups. Families totally welcome.

Depart by 2:30pm, heading under the West Seattle Freeway along a random and meandering route of our choice. As 'tis the season for blooming flowers and springtime, we will be stopping to smell, admire and catalog any and all flowers that we see as we roll the desolate wasteland of the Industrial Zone. Destination: Georgetown, most likely Jules Maes. If we have a lot of kids on the ride, then we might stop at All City Coffee (1205 S. Vale) first before heading to Jules Maes. To catch up with the unruly mob of cargobikers at any time, contact one of the following kind folks foolish enough to share their phone numbers with complete and total strangers:

Segue: (206) 250-6382
Aaron: (206) 290-8737
Gregg: (206) 351-6595

Special thanks to Segue for organizing this and mixing it up with the food first and ride second. But hey, you still get to ride home, right?

Call one of these numbers if you need to catch up:

Looking forward to seeing you here. Rain or shine, we will be all-lit-up inside. {:-)>

Cargo bike rides are always family oriented. Bring your own plates, utensils, cups. Leave no trace! While there will be plenty of cargo bikes, this ride is for everyone. Cargo bikes travel SLOWLY! (8-10 MPH) and we stay together.

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