The Ultimate Tune-Up
Base Rate starts at $200* + Parts
See chart below for specific equiptment charges.
Our Promise: When you get your bicycle back will work better than new!
If your bike does not need a tune-up we will tell you! Or if you don't want to spent that much, we can work with you. What many shops call a mini-tune we call a Triage*. For $50 you get a half hour of your time and your bike will funtional. It is not a full tune and we still recommend one after a Triage, but your bike will be OK to ride.
* Does not include flat tires.

What is a Tune-Up?
Simply put it is a service that brings your bike back to new condition.
The 5 main steps are:

1.Cleaning & Lubrication
2.Bearing Adjustments
3.Wheel Truing
4.Brake Adjustments
5.Gear Adjustments

Every bike can benefit from our Ultimate Tune-Up. Why?
Because good mechanics are few and far between. And bicycles are often improperly adjusted from the start when they were new. Factory assembly in the bike industry is a joke. Just ask any seasoned professional bicycle mechanic! We will be correcting things not done right the first time. Bearing adjustments and spoke tension are 2 biggies.
Well ridden or very old bikes will benefit from a Complete Overhaul
Pictures of the procedure

Sawyer's Workbench

What if I just want a Basic Tune-Up?
Many shops offer what they call Performance, Quick, Basic, Standard, The Chicken, Minor, etc. Tune-Ups.
We feel there really is only one reason to Tune-Up a bicycle. That reason is to bring it back to like-new mechanical condition. Our Ultimate Tune-Up is so thorough that we actually correct mistakes made during the inital assembly of your bike. We often improve the bike's workings. We use superior replacement parts like brake pads, cables, housings, ferrules and lubricants. If you do not want to spend $120 on your bike, bring it by and we can assess what your bike needs most urgently. We will give you honest advice. Our goal is that you ride your bike, not to drain your bank account! We offer what we call a Triage where we go over your bike, inspect for safety, do our 10 point check, lubricate what needs to be, clean it superficially and make adjustments here and there. Cost is from $20 to $50. Much less than other shop's Mini-Tunes and it will keep you on the road until you get a proper Tune-Up.

All Parts Extra

No Extra Labor Charged for Replacement of:
Brake Pads, Chain, Cables, Disc Rotors, Grips, Pedals, Rear Gears, Seat, Seat Post Clamp or Seat Post.

All Work is Guaranteed for 90 Days.

* Additional labor charges apply for:
Electric Bicycle Surcharge + $50  
Muddy or Extra Dirty Bikes. + $30  
Non-standard equipmentmechanic's judgement  
Belt Drive + $20  
Brakes: Cantilever or V-Brake + $10 each  
Brakes: Cable Disc + $20 per brake  
Brakes: Bleed Hydraulic Disc Brakes + $30 each  
Derailleur Pulley Service + $15  
Derailleur not present - $15 each (Fixed Gear / Single Speed Bike / 1x Drivetrain)
Dropper Seatpost varies on type  
Dynamo Hub + $20  
Electronic Shifting + $40  
Eccenteric Bottom Bracket +$20  
Freehub Lubrication + $20  
Handlebar Tape + $20  
Handlebar (MTB) + $20  
Handlebar (Road, includes taping) + $30  
Handlebar (City, or High Rise) + $40  
Handlebar (Aero Clip-on) + $20 Not recommended for city riding, race use only!
Internal Routing + $15 minimum per cable  
Mafac or Clone Brakes + $20 per brake  
Truing Wheels with Non-Standard Spokes + Shop Rate  
Older Gripshift Cables + $15 each Requires shifter removal & disassembly
Overhaul Pedals + $20 each  
S&S Coupling Service + $15 each Requires expensive special lubricant!
Sliding Rear Drop-outs + $20  
Stem Install (taping extra) + $20  
Stem Riser (if cables need lengthening) + $40  
Tire Removal / Replace + $5 each  
Tune-Up Rim Brakes $40  
Tune-Up Disc Brakes $100  
Overhaul Rim Brakes $80  
Overhaul Disc Brakes $140  

Do I need an appointment? MAYBE........ Bring it in!
Depending on our current work load & storage capacity, we will either fix it while you wait, keep your bike or schedule an appointment. Check-ins can take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes. If we are really busy, please be patient. We usually do repairs while you wait and make appointments for maintenance. Either way, we need to see your bike first so we can check it over and make sure we will have the parts in stock when it comes time to service it. It is not possible to give you an estimate without seeing it since bicycle conditions and components vary wildly. We do not give phone estimates, however, all our Labor Rates are posted on our website.

There is NEVER a need for an appointment for a repair to keep your bike rolling.
Examples: Brake Pad Replacement, Wheel Truing and Spoke Replacement, Gear Adjustments and of course FLAT TIRES!

Our Mechanic's Detailed Checklist

Adding grease to the wheel bearings

Aaron's old Workbench