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We often create cargo bikes. Sometimes they are examples of what is possible, sometimes they are personal bikes, sometimes they are just ideas for a bike.
Cargo Dream Bike
Dreadnought 2
Mixtie City
Haulin' Colin Basket Bike

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We are constantly experimenting on our own bikes. Often this results in better recommendations for you. For example, we love drum brakes but find them to be inadequate for heavy cargo bikes, but work great on city bikes. Disc brakes are best for mountain bikes and cargo, but extreme disc wear can be a problem on commuting bikes, and small 6" rotors on cargo bikes are a disaster waiting to happen! We know which internal gear hubs work best and are experts at getting you low gears for Seattle's hills.

Every bike we sell is assembled properly and fits correctly. Most of the bikes we sell are special ordered. Due to our small store, we only stock about 50 bikes. With over 150 different flavors of bikes, we can help you narrow down the options. It all starts with a fitting.

Fit is the most important aspect of purchasing a new bike. We don't mind where you end up getting your bike, just as long as it fits you so you will ride it! Come in and we can measure your body to determine your size.

We use the Fit Kit to accurately measure your body and determine the best size bike for you. While some may say the Fit Kit is not perfect, it is a heck of a lot better than a guess or just standing over a bike! It is the best way to get a base starting point. Bike fit is a compromise between comfort and performance. It is rare that a bike fits anyone perfectly off the shelf. Most people have to customize the bike to get the fit they wish. The most common part of the bike we change is the stem. To that end, we use the Salsa SizoMatic Fitting Stem to let you test ride your new stem before we install it!

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Why buy a bike at ABR?

Bicycles are an amazing value today. When you consider all the man(person)hours involved in the manufacture of a bike it is staggering! There are AT LEAST 250 people that touch your bike before you! This doesn't even consider the people involved in designing your bike.

The humble bicycle mechanic is the last, but most important person to touch your bike. A bike comes from its maker only partially created (80% assembled). Most retailers just finish the process in as little time as possible. The bikes are not always assembled by a qualified, experienced mechanic.

As our name suggests, ABR only employs experienced bicycle mechanics. Each of our mechanics has OVER 10 years bike repair experience!

We take about 2 hours to finish the assembly of your new bike.

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We do everything we can to make your ride trouble free!