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Val and Aaron at Val's shop, Bikesmith.
Thanks for the bunny ears Val!

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This ride was amazingly fun! You wouldn't think that you could have this much fun mountain biking in an urban setting. Most of these pictures are from under Interstate-5. Even on a rainy day this would be a great out and back ride. 90% of the ride is under the freeway. There are lots of opportunities for wheelie drops, jumps, ride arounds, etc. We did not see or fear any vagabonds I-5. The trails to the east of the freeway are very muddy and that is where most of the homeless people live. We ran into one guy, but he was very nice and polite. Most of those trails go up to their 'camps'.

The rest of the ride was on street, but we took every opportunity to cut accross dirt, parking lots, trails, logs, grassy places, etc. With a full suspension mountain bike you can laugh at pot holes and railroad tracks. Heck, you look for things to hit!

The 'trail heads' for this ride are below the eastern most end of the Spokane Street Viaduct at Airport Way and between the I-5 bridges crossing Dearborn Street.

On our latest ride we went north to the area under I-5 on the west side of Captiol Hill by Eastlake. This is the area to be made into a park called the Collinade. Here is what the City has planned.