Drive your car less, Ride Your Bike more!

Now I used to think that I was cool
Running around on fossil fuel
Until I saw what I was doin'
Was driving down the road to ruin.
     From the song 'Traffic Jam' by James Taylor biking dinosaur

Everyone agrees that there are too many cars on the road.
Here are some websites with ideas and important info to help YOU drive less.
You can consider it your responsibility to the planet to drive as little as possible. There are always alternatives. We all need to take personal responsibility for Global Warming. The SUV is a scapegoat for gluttony and excess. Driving any car still pollutes. As the world population swells, driving less is even more important!

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The end of cheap oil is coming! A MUST READ!

Here are some links some science students found in their research on sustainable transtportation.

Hybrid Vehicles
Environmentally Friendly Cars
Vehicle Pollution Calculator
Biodiesel Information

Most of these links I found when we studied the concept of Peal Oil. Bike shops have known for years that we have one answer to helping the solve the many problems cars cause.

50 Reasons Cars Suck
Actual Price of Gasoline
A goto B
Bicycle Alliance
Bob Trailers
Box Car Bikes
Break the Gridlock
BTUs per Passenger Mile
Carbon Counter
Car Busters
Car Sharing
Cars R Coffins
Cars Stink
Cars Suck
Changing The
Community Solution
The Coming Oil Crisis
Clean Car Campaign
Counter Currents
Critical Mass
Culture Change Magazine
(formerly Auto-Free Times)
Earth Island
Effect of cars on kids
End Of Suburbia
Global Warming Pledge
Greener Cars
Independence From Oil
International Federation of Bike Messenger Associations
Less Traffic
Life After The Oil Crash
The Me Mobile
George Monbiot
Oil Cast
Oil Crisis
The Oil Drum
One Less Car Challenge
OPIS Downstream Petroleum News & Pricing
Outlaw Bicyclin'
Peak Oil a Reality
People's Waterfront Coalition
Poseur 4x4
Post Carbon Institute
Real Price of Gasoline
Redefining Progress
Relax Washington!
Resource Insights
Seattle Gas Prices
Sierra Club
SUV Rollover News
The SUV Ticket
Thunderhead Alliance
Undo Global Warming
Washington Gas Prices
Way To Go Seattle
What would Jesus Drive?

Here is what PEMCO Insurance has to say about SUVs:
SUVs have become the vehicle of choice for many families. They often have more room than a typical car and some people they're safer on the road. But are they? No SUVs!

While larger vehicles are generally safer than smaller ones, SUVs are two to three times more likely than cars to roll over in accidents. They're also three times more likely to be involved in fatal accidents.

Many people think four-wheel drive (4WD) makes SUVs safer on snowy, icy, or wet roads. While 4WD improves traction when starting to move, you actually have a greater chance of loosing control of an SUV when driving on icy or wet roads. Not only does the height of SUVs make them more likely to tip over, the truck-style suspension limits maneuverability in emergencies. The weight of SUVs also makes them harder to stop. SUVs also tend to be gas-guzzlers and, because they're not bound by emission standards for cars, they tend to be hard on the environment.

--From The Shield, A newsletter for PEMCO policyholders Number 22

SUVs waste 33% more gas than cars on average!

Some things you can do to Save Oil.

Check out Auto-Free Ottawa for more opinions.

Divorce Your Car by Katie Alvord