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We have decided to stop posting BLOG articles. A better way to find out what is going on is to just ride your bike down to our store or go on a ride with us! We have all sorts of projects happening here. We are focusing our time on day to day operations and doing rides. See you IRL.

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Posted 12-27-08

Just in time for the BIG MELT!

Schwalbe Ice Spiker tires. Make your own or buy them. To make your own, use phillips pan head sheet metal or wood screws. Use an old inner tube split down the inside to protect your inner tube from the screw heads. Low pressure works best. 10 to 25 psi, depending on snow conditions, tire volume and your weight. It WILL snow again so be prepared. Our Bikesmith mechanic, Val keeps a set on his Dreadnought at all times during the winter.

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