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Broken Bike Bits from Pardo
Chain/Cog Wear Description
Chain/Cog Wear Description from Sheldon Brown
Chain/Cog Wear Description from Pardo
Crank Lenth Measurement
Cyclometer Calibration Table
Evolution of the Bicycle Cool GIF!
Fender Flaps      Why use a Fender Flap?
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Fixed Gear Tire Skid Spots
Fixed Gear with Vertical Drop-Outs
Frame Design (CAD) Program
Vintage Front Shock Air-Oil Settings
27" / 700C Gear Chart
Gear Calculator (Sheldon Brown's)
Internal Gear Shifter Pull Ratios
Henry James Lugs
How to adjust index shifting
How to boot a tire
How to box a bike
How to buy a bicycle
How to fold a tire
How to install a tire or fix a flat
How to learn to ride a bike!
How to tape handlebars
How to Rinko your Bike for Travel Rossman Cycles
How to Rinko your Bike for Travel Rene Herse Cycles
Jim Langley
Pedal Magic Teach riding with out training wheels!
Periodic Table of the Elements
Schwinn Serial Number Links: 1 2
Seatpost Size Database (Sheldon Brown's)
Sheldon Brown Tech Articles
Jtek Shift Mate Mix and Match Shifters and Derailleurs
Shifter, Derailleur and Cassette Compatibliity
Shifter, Derailleur and Cassette Compatibliity **HACK**
Shimano Bottom Bracket Right-Side Chain Line Factors
Shimano Component Chronology
Shimano Technical Information (Aaron's bench was the banner picture!)
Sturmey Archer
Sturmey Archer Heritage
Sturmey Archer Parts
Talc in tires?
Tire pressure chart
Tire info
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Weight Weenies (component weights)
Why Cycle? (impartial advice)

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