Cinelli Handlebar Tape

We primarily stock Cinelli tape because it is the original cork tape, the most durable and we like it. We also stock other brands when we find nice colors and textures we like and we stock most colors of cloth tape. Both cloth and cork tape can be shellaced for a very nice, durable finish. A super nice custom job can be done by wrapping cloth over foam tape and then shellacing it. We offer shellacing service.

How to tape road handlebars. Or we can do it for you!

Above is Cinelli's current selection of solid color tape.

For a more durable tape we recommend Fi'zi:k Microtex Bar Tape

Cinelli used to make a lot more fun colors. We used to stock them all!
ebay is the best place to find the fun old splash colors.

Shellac gives your handlebars a timeless, waterproof, grippy, durable finish!