Join Us!

Aaron on concrete ramp
Mike on it.
Doug on guard rail
Mike, harder than it looks!
Kelly jammin'.
Paul moves so fast,
All you see is his butt!
Big jump for Aaron.
Aaron on Teeter Totter
Joe checking it out.
Joe down ramp.
Joe again.
Cyclocross style!
The fatefull jump.
End Game.

Nice Surfboard, Dude!

This ride was fun until.....
Paul got hurt. He had to be taken away in an ambulance. He fractured some of his cervical vertebrae. He is currently at Harborview (3-24-02). Paul said I could post these pictures. His head is OK but his helmet is dented and cracked. Let it be known, Paul will not be trying BMX jumps on his cyclocross bike anymore! Oh, and by the way, his bike is OK! GET WELL SOON PAUL!
Also let it be known that there was no egging on. Paul did this on his own accord. We never encourage anyone to ride something they are not ready for. No peer pressure on our rides. Sometimes people just do dumb things, myself included. Hindsight is 20/20 and I can think of a several more cliche's, but needless to say, mountain biking is dangerous.

The second bad thing to happen was that some S.O.B. broke the window out of Doug's truck and stole some items. I recommend leaving nothing valuable in your vehicle and the doors unlocked. Or park down at the end of 13th (at the dog leg on the map) off 200th street in the neighborhood. There is a staircase down to the paved trail of Des Moines Creek Park. From there you can ride up to the trails. Just please respect the neighborhood and don't flash your ass while changing!

UPDATE 3-25-02 MONDAY: Paul is stable and at Harborview Hospital Room #502 Phone (206) 731-5884. He did indeed break his neck, bad, vertebrae C-2, C-3, C-7. His is NOT paralyzed. At present, he may get operated on or have to wear a halo for a few months. Send him your warmest wishes.

UPDATE 3-29-02 Friday: Paul is now at home. The best option was a halo. He says it is the high-tech carbon fiber model. It will be a good 6 months before he can get back on the bike. Damn, gonna miss summer!

Locator Map: