Get refills of your favorite products at ABR.

Using the same container limits waste and saves you money!

Bardahl Shock Oil
Made in Seattle. Works in all forks. 2.5-5, 7.5 and 10 weight available.
$99 per fluid ounce
Boeshield T-9 Chain Lube
The cleanest & long lasting chain lube. Compatable with other wax lubes.
$2.49 per fluid ounce
Citrasolv Citrus Degreaser
Extra strong enviromentally safe solvent.
$1.99 per fluid ounce
Griot's Vinyl and Rubber Dressing
This is our Special Sauce!
$1.50 per fluid ounce
Obenauf's LP Paste
For leather saddles. We like it better than Proofhide.
$1.99 per fluid ounce
Obenauf's LP Oil
For leather saddles. Speeds the break-in period.
$1.99 per fluid ounce
Phil Wood Tenacious Oil
Great for freewheels, internal geared hubs, threads and derailleur pullys
$1.49 per fluid ounce
Rema Vulcanized Inner Tube Patches 15, 20 & 25mm Sizes 25¢ each
Rohloff All Season Gear Oil #8404 $4.99 per fluid ounce
Shimano SG-S700 (Alfine 11) Oil $6.99 per fluid ounce
Shimano Hydraulic Brake Mineral Oil
Specific for Shimano disc brakes.
$1.99 per fluid ounce
Slick Honey Shock Lube
Use on the outside of shocks, derailleur pullys, and inside elastomer shocks.
$1.99 per fluid ounce
Flat Attack Tube Sealant
90% effective against flats. Not recommended for high pressure road tires.
99¢ per fluid ounce
Sta-Lube Blue Marine Grease
for Boat Trailer Wheel Bearings
$1.99 per fluid ounce
Valvoline SynPower
DOT 3/4 Brake Fluid
99¢ per ounce

These are the same products we use everyday in the shop.

We no longer use Simple Green in our shop because it contains A TOXIC SUBSTANCE!
One of the ingredients in Simple Green is butoxy ethanol, also known as butyl cellosolve or ethylene glycol monobutyl ether, a toxic aqueous solvent. Butoxy ethanol, due to its oral and skin toxicity, is considered a hazardous waste at concentrations above one percent in water. It is rarely diluted below this concentration when used.
   Butoxy ethanol is readily absorbed through exposed skin. The OSHA permissible exposure limit is 25 parts per million (ppm). It is important that users wear personal protective equipment (e.g., gloves, goggles, rubber boots) to prevent exposure.
   Residents using this product would not be required to get permission from the local sewer utility to dispose of, however it is best to use up or take to a household hazardous waste facility (facility listing).
   The recommendation is that this cleaner be replaced by one that poses fewer risks to you. Less toxic, substitute cleaners are typically available from manufacturers that produce butoxy ethanol. Look for the words Non-butyl or Butyl-free on the label.
   Substitute cleaners often contain sodium metasilicate as a primary constituent, which is much less toxic and is not readily absorbed through the skin.
     A big thanks to Laurel Tomchick of Envirostars for this information.