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Join Us!

Mike and I have been riding this trail since September. Why didn't we ride it earlier? We knew about it!
Tapeworm is a one way trail. If you do not see the Begin sign you are on the wrong trail or going backwards! This trail has many facets. Everytime we have gone it seems like a different trail. Make sure you hit the sister trails, Parasite and Mr. DNA. The one called Crop Circles is overgrown. Unfortunately (or fortunatly), all of the nearby North Shore style sky bridges have been torn out by Puget Power.
For those of you who ride these trails regualarly, you may notice that some of these pictures are of the Parasite trail. Both trails are similar. We cannot decide which one we like better. We always ride both! Twice if we are not too tired.

Some links to other people's pictures of this ride:

Here is what Tom Myers has to say about the trails at Philip Arnold Park:

Mr DNA was first, then Tapeworm (completed June 20, 1997). "Crop Circles" was opened in winter1998, then finally the "New Parasite". Crop circles is a remarkable trail in itself, not patterned after any trail I'd ridden but possibly the only MTB trail of its kind. The inspiration came from the notion that it is in clear view of the planes coming into Renton airport, and I thought it was necessary that they saw a spiral on the ground. It is actually a double spiral, 3.5 rotations to the center, then 3.5 rotations back out.