Kulani Trails in Hilo, Hawai'i

Needs a teeter-totter!
Eucalyptus forest
Arch like at Tapeworm
Aaron jammin'
Fern Grotto
Not found in playgrounds!
Aaron in Paradise
Wild impatient flowers
Typical Kulani trailbed
Hardtails do work!
Easier when dry!
Warm & Wet!
Ferns like Seattle
Jimmy in the 'hood
Aaron and Jimmy on Boundary Road
These trails
inspired Tapeworm
Group Ride
Every Friday at 4 PM

The Kulani Trails are some of the most RELENTLESS trails I have ever ridden! They are extremely technical. There are so many roots and rocks that you cannot take your eyes off the trail for even a second or you may go down. Kulani took some of this riders knee flesh. I didn't even crash hard, just a little bail out. If Kulani was in the Northwest I wouldn't have gotten scraped. These trails are the only extensive single-track close to Hilo.

I met up, by chance, with the Local Group of riders at 4 PM on a Friday. It is their weekly ride. Very fun but not for the beginner. Full suspension makes life easier here.

Directions: From Hilo, head south on Highway 11, Take a right on the Stainback Highway. At 2.6 miles park at the gravel road on the right. Ride out the dirt road across the street and back 200 feet. If you come across an old rusty smashed up pick-up, then you are on the right path.

Kulani (say Koo-Lonny) is a huge network of trails and dirt roads. It is easy to get turned around in these woods. Many of the trails are color coded with ribbons. I suggest you find someone who is willing to show you the main loop. You could explore, but take a compass or bread crumbs! The trails are bounded by Boundary Road (gravel road) to the southeast and Stainback Highway to the northwest (paved but very bumpy).

A nice option is to take a taxi to the trailhead, ride the trails then ride back Down Hilo Town. After jamming on the trails, ride back to Boundary Road. Ride down hill for a couple of miles untill you cannot go straight any further. There will be a rough single track to the right. Follow it keeping right and downhill until you come out at a drainage ditch. Follow it down to a road and out to the Highway 11. Kea'au is only 1 mile up the highway (turn right). We had 1 liter beers and gardenburgers at Charlie's in the Kea'au Shopping Center.

The local group rides at one speed only, FAST! Most of the guys know the trails by heart and DO NOT WAIT FOR BEGINNERS OR NEW PEOPLE.