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100 Years of Bicycle Component and Accessory Design Authenic Reprint Edition of The Data Book by Van der Plas Publications 1998
1891 Gormuly & Jeffery Mfg. Co. (Wholesale Catalog, Reprint Booklet) by Bicycling Magazine 1983
1984 Bicycling Mileage Log and Training Guide (Booklet) by Bicycling Magazine 1983
1988 Tour de France by Phil Liggett 1988
20 Years Of Cycling Photography by Graham Watson 2002
23 Days In July Inside Lance Armstrong's Record-Breaking Tour De France Victory by John Wilcockson 2004
7 Biggest Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Washington Bicycle Accident Case by Max J. Meyers, Esq. 2011
50 Bicyles That Changed The World by Alex Newson 2017
50 Years of Schwinn-Built Bicycles The Story of the Bicycle and its contributions to our way of life by Frank W. Schwinn 1945
Above The Circle by Marty Basch 1997
Adventure Cycling in Europe A Practical Guide to Low-Cost Bicycle Touring in 27 Countries by John Rakowski 1981
Andy Pruitt's Complete Medical Guide for Cyclists by Andrew Pruitt with Fred Matheny 2006
Afloat by Jennifer McCartney 2007
Agonistic Cycling by Edizioni Landoni 1980
All Terrain Biking Skills and Techniques for Mountain Bikers by Jim Zarka 1991
American Bicycle Racing edited by Fames C. McCullagh 1976
The American Bicycle by Jay Pidmore and Jim Hurd 1995
The American Biking Atlas & Touring Guide by Sue Bowder 1975
American Bicyclist and Motorcyclist 100th Anniversary Issue 1980
Andy Pruitt's Complete Medical Guide for Cyclists by Andy Pruitt with Fred Matheny 2006
An Intimate Portrait of The Tour De France Masters and Slaves of the Road by Philippe Brunel 1996
Anybody's Bike Book 20th Anniversary Edition by Tom Cuthbertson 1990
Argyle Armada Behind the Scenes of the Pro Cycling Life by Mark Johnson 2012
Around Puget Sound by Ferry Boat and Bicycle by Alonda & Jim Droege 2002
Around the World On a Bicycle by Thomas Stevens 1887 (New Edition 2001)
Around the World On Two Wheels Annie Londonderry's Extraordinary Ride by Peter Zheutlin 2007 signed copy
The Art of Cycling A Guide to Bicycling in 21st-Century America by Robert Hurst 2007
The Art of Urban Cycling Lessons from the Street by Robert Hurst 2004
The Art of Wheelbuilding by Gerd Schraner 1999
Atomic Zombie's Bicycle Builder's Bonanza by Brad Graham and Kathy McGowan 2004
Back To The Bike by Clifford C. Humphrey 1972
Bakeries by Bicycle by Fred Wert 1993
Basic Bicycle Repair by the editors of Bicycling magazine 1980
The Basic Essentials of Mountain Biking by Mike Strassman 1989
Basic Maintenance and Repair by the editors of Bicycling magazine 1990
Bear on a Bike by Stella Blackstone 1998
Beginning Bicycle Racing Fast Riding for Fitness & Competition by Fred Matheny 1983
Bernard Hinault Memories of the Peloton Vitesse Press 1989
Bert Harris of the Poly A Cycling Legend by Dick Swan 1964
Best of Bicycling! Edited by Harley M. Leete 1972
Bicentennial Bike Tours Recycle the Past - 200 Rides Through History 100 Maps by Marian May 1973
Bicycle! A Repair & Maintenance Manifesto 2nd Edition by Sam Tracy 2013
The Bicycle A Guide & Manual by R. John Way 1973
Bicycle Across America by Barbara Siegert 1996
The Bicycle Boneshakers, Highwheelers, and Other Celebrated Cycles by Gilbert King 2002
Bicycle Blue Book 1998
Bicycle Book Wit, Wisdom & Wanderings Ed. Jim Joyce 2007
The Bicycle Builder's Bible by Jack Wiley 1980
Bicycle Camping by Diana Armstrong 1981
The Bicycle Commuting Alternative by Frederick L. Wolfe 1979
The Bicycle Commuting Book Using the Bike for Utility and Transportaion by Rob Van der Plas 1989
Bicycle Commuting Made Easy by + 1992
Bicycle Design by Mike Burrows 2000
Bicycle Design The Search for the Perfect Machine 2nd Edition by Mike Burrows 2004
Bicycle Digest by Mark Thiffault 1973
The Bicycle Fitness Book Riding Your Bike for Health and Fitness Revised and Updated by Rob Van der Plas 1990
Bicycle Frames A Close-Up Look by Joe Kossak 1975
Bicycle Gearing by Dick Marr 1989
A Bicycle in Beijing by Dawu Yu 2019
Bicycle Journal The No. 1 Book in the Bicycle Field (trade publication) December 1961
Bicycle Love Stories of Passion, Joy and Sweat Edited by Garth Battista 2004
Bicycle Man by Allen Say 1982
Bicycle Mechanics by Steve Snowing and Ken Evans 1986
The Bicycle Racing Guide Third Edition by Rob Van der Plas 1988
¥ Bicycle Repair And Maintenance by Ben Burstyn 1974
The Bicycle Repair Book by Rob van der Plas 1993
Bicycle! Repair & Maintenance Manifesto by Sam Tracy 2006
Bicycle Repair Maintenance & Repair of the Modern Bicycle by Rob Van Der Plas
Bicycle Repair Manual by Chris Sidwells 2008
Bicycle Rider Soar to Success by Mary Scioscia 1983
Bicycle Stamps by Dan Gindling 1997
Bicycle Technology by Rob Van der Plas 1991
Bicycle Touring In Europe by Karen & Gary Hawkins 1980
Bicycle Touring International Complete Book on Adventure Cycling by Kameel Nasr 1992
The Bicycle Wheel 3rd Edition by Jobst Brandt 1995
The Bicycle by Pryor Dodge 1996
Bicycle by David V. Herlihy 2004
Bicycle by Paul Fattaruso 2007
The Bicycle Builder's Bible by Jack Wiley 1980
Bicycle Diaries by David Byrne 2009
Bicycle by Ed Radlauer 1974
Bicycles How they work and how to fix them Rand McNally 1976
Bicycles of the Year 1887 by Harry Hewitt Griffin 1887 (booklet)
Bicycles Le Biciclette by Fermo Galbiati and Nino Ciravegna 1994
Bicycles & Tricycles by Archibald Sharp 1977
Bicycles & Tricycles of the Year 1889 by Harry Hewitt Griffin (1889 reprint in a spiral bound booklet)
Bicycles Locked To Poles by John Glassie 2004
Bicycling by George S. Fichter & Keith Kingbay 1974
Bicycling 250 Best Cycling Tips by the editors of Bicycling Magazine 2002 (booklet)
Bicycling A Golden Guide Date unknown circa 1970s
Bicycling Touring and Mountain Bike Basics *A Trailside Guide* by Peter Oliver 1995
Bicycling & The Law Your Rights as a Cyclist by Bob Mionske, JD 2007
Bicycling Bliss Riding to Improve Your Wellness by Portia H. Masterson 2004
The Bicycling Book - Transportation, Recreation, Sport by John Krausz & Vera van der Reis Krausz 1982
Bicycling Coast to Coast A Completer Route Guide, Virginia to Oregon by Donna Lynn Ikenberry 1996
Bicycling Magazine's Bicycle Repair 1985
Bicycling Magazine's Complete Book of Road Cycling Skills 1998
Bicycling Magazine's Complete Guide To Bicycle Maintenance And Repair 1994
The Bicycling Guide to Complete Bicycle Maintenance & Repair For Road & Mountain Bikes (5th Edition) by Todd Downs 2005
Bicycling Magazine's Complete Guide To Upgrading Your Bike by Frank J. Berto 1988
Bicycling Magazine's Cycling for Women by the editors of Bicycling Magazine 1989
Bicycling Magazine's Mountain Biking Skills 1990
Bicycling Magazine's Mountain Biking Skills Skills and Techniques to Master Any Terrain (Fully Refised and Updated) Edited by Ben Hewitt 2005
Bicycling Magazine's Precision Tune-Up Guide (Booklet) 1984
Bicycling Notes The Mountaineers 1976 [Diary by Aaron]
Bicycling Science by Frank Rowland Whitt and David Gordon Wilson
Bicycling The Backroads Around Puget Sound Second Edition by Erin & Bill Woods - The Mountaineers 1981
Bicycling the Backroads of Northwest Washington by Erin and Bill Woods The Mountaineers 1976
Bicycling The Pacific Coast A Complete Route Guide, Canada to Mexico Fourth Edition by Vicky Spring and Tom Kirkendall 2005
The Bicycling Users' Manual by The Editors of Bicycling Magazine 1982
Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair BBB-1A Do-It-Yourself Bicycle Repair Guide From Park Tool 1st Edition by C.Calvin Jones 2005
Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair BBB-3 A Do-It-Yourself Bicycle Repair Guide From Park Tool 3rd Edition by C.Calvin Jones 2013
Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair BBB-4 A Do-It-Yourself Bicycle Repair Guide From Park Tool 4th Edition by C.Calvin Jones 2019
The Bike Bag Book by Tom Cuthbertson and Rick Morrall 1981
The Bike Book by Tim Hughes 1990
Bike Cult by David B. Perry 1995
Bike Factory by Harold Roth 1985
The Bike Lesson Another Adventure of the Berenstain Bears by Stan and Jan Berenstain 1964
Bike For Life How to Ride to 100 by Roy M. Wallack & Bill Katovsky 2005
Bike Repair & Maintenance For Dummies by Dennis Bailey & Keith Gates 2009
The Bike Stop by Sam Braxton and Gary MadFadden 1982
Bike, Scooter and Chopper Projects for the Evil Genius by Brad Graham and Kathy McGowan 2008
Bike Snob Systematically & Mercilessly Realigning the World of Cycling by Bike Snob NYC (Eben Weiss) 2010
Bike Snob Abroad Strange Customs, Incredible Fiets, and the Quest for Cycling Paradise by Bike Snob NYC (Eben Weiss) 2013
Bike Touring The Sierra Club Guide to Outings on Wheels by Raymond Bridge 1979
Bike Tripping by Tom Cuthbertson 1972
Bikeenomics How Bicycling Will Save the Economy (if we let it) by Elly Blue 2011
Bikes And Riders by James Wagenvoord 1972
Bikes And Trikes Of Long Ago (Booklet) 1989
Bikes of Burden by Hans Kemp
Bikes by Stephen C. Henkel 1972
Biking The Great Northwest 20 Tours in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana by Jean Henderson and Contributors 1995
Biking Through Europe by Dennis & Tina Jaffe 1987
Biking To Work by Rory McMullan 2007
Blazing Saddles: The Cruel & Unusual History of the Tour De France by Matt Rendell 2007
Bobke II by Bob Roll 2003
The Book of the Bicycle by Roger St. Pierre 1973
The Boxcar Children by Gertrude Chandler Warner 1970
Breakthrough Triathlon Training by Brad Kearns 2006
Bridgestone Sales Manual 1993
The 1994 Catalogue From Bridgestone
Campagnolo - 75 Years of Cycling Passion by Paolo Facchinetti 2008
Campagnolo Collection by Hiroshi Ichikawa & Andrea Bonfanti 2023
The Canadian Bicycle Book Edited by Ken Smith 1972
Carfree Cities by J.H. Crawford 2000
Cartoons by Andy Singer 2001
CentricTM BicycleLINK Blue Book Premiere Edition 1998
A Century of Paris Roubaix by Pascal Sergent 1997
A Certian Bicyclist by Paul Niquette 1985
Chainbreaker Bike Book A Rough Guide to Bicycle Maintenance First Edition by Shelley Lynn Jackson & Ethan Clark 2008
Chainbreaker Bike Book A Rough Guide to Bicycle Maintenance Second Edition by Shelley Lynn Jackson & Ethan Clark 2010
Charlie Brown's Cyclopedia Cars, Trains, and Other Wheels 1990
Chasing Rickshaws Text by Tony Wheeler Photographs by Richard I'Anson 1998
Classic De Rosa Collector's Guide by Andrea Bonfanti 2022
¥ Collectable Schwinn-Built Bicycle's 1950's-1965 by James L. Hurd
The Competition Bicycle: Photographic History by Jan Heine 2008
Complete Bike Book by Chris Sidwells 2003
Complete Bike Maintenance by Fred Milson 2002
Complete Book Of Bicycling by Eugene A. Sloane 1970
Complete Book Of Bicycling 4th Edition by Eugene A. Sloane 1988
Complete Book Of Cycling by Dan Joyce, Carlton Reid, Paul Vincent 1997
Complete Book Of Cyclocross Skill Training and Racing by Scott Mares 2008
The Complete Book of Long-Distance and Competitive Cycling by Tom Doughty 1983
The Complete Book of Triathlons by Sally Edwards 2001
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Cycling Petersens Bicycle Guide with Vic Armijo 1999
Computing Across America The Bicycle Odyssey of a High-Tech Nomad by Steven K. Roberts 1988
Conquer the World by Chas. Messenger 1968
Consumer Guide Bicycles 1972
A Cooperative Guide to Flat Repairs by Citybikes of Portland, Oregon 2009
Classic De Rosa by Andrea Bonfanti 2023
Crap Cycle Lanes 50 Worst Cycle Lanes in Britain by David Whelan 2007
Critical Mass Bicycling's Defiant Celebration Edited by Chris Carlsson 2002
Curious George Rides a Bike by H.A. Rey 1952
The Custom Bicycle by Michael J. Kolin & Denise M. de la Rosa 1979
Cuthbertson's Little Mountain Bike Book by Tom Cuthbertson 1992
Cyclepedia A Century of Iconic Bicycle Design by Michael Embacher 2011
Cycle Touring in New Zeland Includes Both North & South Islands by Bruce Ringer 1989
Cycling by Roy Ald 1968
Cycling by Creig S. Hoyt & Julie Hoyt 1978
Cycling Its soul, its heroes, and its legends Text by Oliver Dazat 2002
Cycling Small Oxford Books Compiled by Jeanne Mackenzie 1981
The Cycling Adventures of Coconut Head A North American Odyssey by Ted Schredd 1996
Cycling and Society Edited by Dave Horton, Paul Rosen and Peter Cox 2007
Cycling for Profit How to Make a Living with your Bicycle by Jim Gregory 2000
Cycling for Sport Improve Your Cycling Technique and Training by Michael J. Kolin 1984
Cycling for You by Ronald English 1964
Cycling Handbook by A.L. Pullen 1960
Cycling New Zealand Discover the World on Two Wheels by Lonely Planet Publications July 2000
Cycling Penny Handbooks Variable Gears and all about them. by Compiled and Illustrated by the Staff of Cycling (booklet)
Cycling USA West Coast Discover the world on two wheels by Lonely Planet May 2002 (a very used copy given to us by a traveler)
Cycling U.S. Parks by Jim Clark 1996
Cycling... The Art of Collectibles: Velocipedes - Games - Race Souvenirs... by Patrick Fillion 2000
Cycling & Paddling Around the World 2003-2010 (booklet) by martin Lunz & Nadine Puschkasch 2009 www.weltenbummler2003.de
Cyclist's Manifesto The Case for Riding on Two Wheels Instead of Four by Robert Hurst 2009
The Cyclist's Training Bible by Joe Friel 1996
Cycling's Greatest Misadventures Edited by Erich Schweikher 2007
Cyclo-Cross Training and Technique by Simon Burney 1996
The Dancing Chain History and Development of the Derailleur Bicycle by Frank Berto, Ron Shepherd, Raymond Henry 2000
David's First Bicycle by Rosalie Silver 1983
The Death of Marco Pantani A Biography by Matt Rendell 2006
DeLong's Guide to Bicycles & Bicycling by Fred DeLong 1974
The Derailleur Project by Robert D. Jones 2023
Discovering America: Bicycle Adventures In All 50 States by Martha J. Retallick 1993
Divorce your Car! by Katie Alvord 2000
A Dog In A Hat An American Bike Racer's Story of Mud, Drugs, Blood, Betrayal, and Beauty in Belgium by Joe Parkin 2008
Duck on a Bike by David Shannon 2002
Eco-Economy Building and Economy for the Earth by Lester R. Brown 2001
Eddy Merckx The Greatest Cyclist Of The 20th Century by Rik Vanwalleghem 2000
Edoardo Bianchi by Antonio Gentile 1992
Effective Cycling 6th Edition by John Forester 1993
Electic Bicycles A Guide to Design and Use by William C. Morchin & Henry Oman 2006
Ellensburg & Kittitas Valley Bicycle Trials by Art Bowman 1988
The Epiplectic Bicycle by Edward Gorey 1969
Mountain Biking Adventures with Izzy: Etiquette is a Big Word by Lindsey Richter & Heidi Ashwell 2021
Eugene A. Sloane's Complete Book Of All-Terrain Bicycles 1985
Every Second Counts by Lance Armstrong with Sally Jenkins 2003
Everybody's Book of Bicycle Riding by Thomas Lieb 1981
Everyday Bicycling How to Ride a Bike for Transportaion (whatever your lifestyle) by Elly Blue 2012
Expert Bike Handling (Booklet) by Thomas Prehn and John S. Allen 1984
Extreme Sports The Illustrated Guide to Maximum Adrenaline Thrills by Joe Tomlinson 1996
Eddy Merckx The Fabulous World of Cycling 1983 Season a Winning Production 1983
Fantastic Bicycles Book For Kids Who Like to Build Things by Steven Lindblom 1980
Fat Tire A Celebration of the Mountain Bike by Chronicle Books 1999
Fat Tire Flyer Repack and the Birth of Mountain Biking by Charlie Kelly 2014
Fietsen by Laura Domela 2005
The Female Cyclist Gearing up a level by Gale Bernhardt 1999
A Field Guide to Seattle Area Brewpubs and Tasting Rooms(booklet) by Doug Hindman 1998
Finding the Perfect Bicycle Seat by Joshua Cohen PT, MS 2005
The First Big Ride A Woman's Journey by Eloise Hanner 2000
Fitness Training (Booklet) by Bicycling Magazine 1991
Fixed: Global Fixed-Gear Bike Culture by Andrew Edwards & Max Leonard 2009
Fix Your Bicycle Clymer Publications by Eric Jorgensen and Joe G. Berman 1972
Flying Scotsman Cycling To Triumph Through My Darkest Hours by Graeme Obree 2005
Free-Wheelin' by Richard A. Lovett 1992
Freewheeling Bicycling the Open Road by Gary Ferguson The Mountaineers 1984
French Revolutions Cycling The Tour de France by Tim Moore 2002
Frog and Toad Together by Arnold Lobel 1971
Froggy Rides A Bike by Jonathan London 2006
Full Tilt Ireland to India With a Bicycle by Dervla Murphy 1986
A Gear Higher The Bicycle Racer's Handbook of Techniques by Keith Code & David Gordon 1998
Get Fit With Bicycling by the editors of Bicycling Magazine 1979
The Green BicycleNothing Can Stand Between A Girl And Her Dream by Haifaa Al Mansour 2015
The Giro d'Italia Coppi versus Bartalli at the 1949 Tour of Italy by Dino Buzzati 1999 (English Reprint of 1981 Italian copy)
¥ Glenn's Complete Bicycle Manual by Clarence W. Coles and Harold T. Glenn 1973
Goggles & Dust Images from Cycling's Glory Days by Shelly and Brett Horton 2014
The Golden Age Of Handbuilt Bicycles by Jan Heine & Jean-Pierre Pradères 2005
Gracie Goat's Big Bike Race by Erin Mirabella 2007
Grape Expeditions In France by Sally Taylor 1986
A Great Bicycle Book by Jane Sarnoff and Reynold Ruffins 1973
Greg LeMond's Complete Book of Bicycling by Greg LeMond and Kent Gordis 1988
Greg LeMond's Complete Book of Bicycling by Greg LeMond and Kent Gordis 1990
Grime Time by Paul Smith 1994
A Guide to Cycling Injuries Prevention & Treatment by Dr. Domhnall MacAuley 1995
A Guide to Mountain Bike Riding in Washington by Carla Black and Angel Rodriguez 1988
Guide to Responsible Mountain Biking (Booklet) 1994
Guinness Book of Sports Records Winners & Champions by Norris McWhirter and Others 1980 pages 83-91
Half-Wheel Hell & Other Cycling Stories by Maynard Hershon 1994
The Harley-Davidson Motor Company : An Official Eighty-Year History Second Edition by David K. Wright 1987
The Haynes Bicycle Book by Bob Henderson 1995
Heart Rate Monitor Book by Sally Edwards 1998
Hearts of Lions The Story of American Bicycle Racing by Peter Nye 1988
Heft On Wheels A Field Guide To Doing A 180 by Mike Magnuson 2004
Hello Neighbors by Sarah Toast 1994
Hey Mom, Can I Ride My Bike Across America? Five Kids Meet Their Country by Jon Seigel Boettner 1990
The High-Tech Bicycle by Edward P. Stevenson 1982
Himalayan Passage by Jeremy Schmidt 1991
His Finest Hour by David Neuhaus 1984
A History Of Bicycles by Serena Beeley 1992
Hit the Bike Trail by Alice Sankey 1974
How To Fix Your Bicycle First Edition by Intertec Publishing Corp. 1973
How To Fix Your Bicycle Fourth Edition by Helen Garvy 1978
How To Live Well Without Owning A Car Save Money, Breathe Easier and Get More Milage Out of Life by Chris Balish 2006
How To Restore Your Collector Bicycle by William Love 2001
I Love My Bike by Matthew Finkle & Brittain Sullivan 2011
The Immortal Class Bike Messengers and the Cult of Human Power by Travis Hugh Culley 2001
The Ingenious Mr Pedersen by David E. Evans 1978
Inside The Postal Bus My Ride with Lance Armstrong and the U.S. Postal Cycling Team by Michael Barry 2005
In Search of Robert Millar by Richard Moore 2007
Instant Bicycle Repair (Booklet) by Bicycling Magazine 1979
Italian Bicycle Industry - The Buyers Guide Late 1980's
Italian Racing Bicycles The People, The Products, The Passion by Guido P. Rubino 2011
International Cycling Guide 1983 edited by Nicholas Crane
¥ It's Easy To Fix Your Bike by John W. McFarlane 1947
It's Easy To Fix Your Bike 4th Edition by John W. McFarlane 1976
It's Not About the Bike My Journey Back to Life by Lance Armstrong with Sally Jenkins 2001
John Marino's Bicycling Book by John Marino, Lawrence May, M.D. and Hal Z. Bennett 1981
John Wilcockson's World of Cycling by John Wilcockson 1998
Joyride Pedaling Toward A Healthier Planet by Mia Burk 2010
Just Keep Pedaling A Corner-to-Corner Bike Ride Across America by T.E. Trimbath 2002 (signed by author)
Just The Two of Us A Cycling Journey Across America by Melissa Norton 2001
King of Sports Cycle Road Racing by Peter Ward circa 1970
Kissing The Trail Nortwest & Central Oregon Mountain Bike Trails by John Zilly 2000
Kissing The Trail Greater Seattle Mountain Bike Adventures 3rd Edition by John Zilly 2003
L.A. Bike Rides A Guide to 37 Specially Selected Bicycle Routes in Los Angeles County by Loren Mac Arthur 1985
Lance Armstrong The 1999 Tour de France by John Wilcockson and Charles Pelkey 1999
Lance Armstrong Comeback 2.0 Up Close & Personal by Lance Armstrong Photographs by Elizabeth Kreutz 2009
Lance Armstrong Images of a Champion by Lance Armstrong 2005
The Lance Armstrong Performance Program 7 Weeks to the Perfect Ride by Lance Armstrong and Chris Carmichael 2000
Lance Armstrong The Race of His Life by Kristin Armstrong 2000
Lance Armstrong's War by Daniel Coyle 2005
Lance Armstrong's Comeback from Cancer A Scrapbook of the Tour de France Winner's Dramatic Career by Samuel Abt 2000
Lance X3 The 2001 Tour de France by John Wilcockson with Charles Pelkey, Bryan Jew and Lennard Zinn 2001
Landscapes Of Cyling by Graham Watson 2004
Le Tour A Century of the Tour de France by Jeremy Whittle 2003
Lightweight Cycle Catalogues Volume I by the John Pinkerton Memorial Publishing Fund 2005
Lightweight Cycle Catalogues Volume II by the John Pinkerton Memorial Publishing Fund 2007
The Literary Cyclist Great Bicycling Scenes in Literature by James E. Starrs 1982
Living On Two Wheels by Dennis L. Coello 1982
The London Cycle Guide by Haynes 2006
The Lost Cyclist The Epic Tale of an American Adventuer and His Mysterious Disappearance by David V. Herlihy 2010
Lucas Cyclealities (catalog reprints of years 1892, 1903, 1924 in a spiral bound booklet) by Peter Card
Lugged Bicycle Construction: A Manual for the First Time Builder Build a Bicycle Frame with a $35 Torch & Other Inexpensive Tools by Marc-Andre R. Chimonas 2009
Maillot Jaune The Tour de France Yellow Jersey by Jean-Paul Ollivier 2001
Major Taylor by Andrew Ritchie 1988
Massage For Cyclists by Roger Pozeznik 1995
Metal Cowboy tales from the road less pedaled by Joe Kurmaskie 1999
Mike and the Bike (includes CD) by Michael Ward 2005
Miles From Nowhere A Round-The-World Bicycle Adventure by Barbara Savage 1983
Mr Meddle's Bicycle ...and other stories by Edin Blyton 2014
Momentum Is Your Friend The Metal Cowboy and His Pint-Sized Posse Take On America by Joe Kurmaskie 2006
More Fun With Maisy! Lift the-flap Fun! by Lucy Cousins 2005
Mountain Bike Adventures in Southwest British Columbia by Greg Maurer with Tomas Vrba 1999
Mountain Bike Adventures in Washington's North Cascades and Olympics Second Edition by Tom Kirkendall 1996
Mountain Bike America Guidebook Series - Washington (Beachway Press) (comes with CD-ROM) by Amy & Mark Poffenbarger 1998
Mountain Bike America Guidebook Series - Washington (Globe Pequot) by Amy & Mark Poffenbarger Revised and Updated 2001
Mountain Bike Like A Champion Master the Techniques of America's Greatest Rider by Ned Overend with Ed Pavelka 1999
Mountain Bike Magazine's Complete Guide to Mountain Biking Skills 1996
Mountain Bike Racing by Tim Gould and Simon Burney 1992
Mountain Bike Repair by Ken Gronseth 1997
Mountain Bike Technique by Steve Jones 1997
The Mountain Bike Way of Knowledge by William Nealy 1989
Mountain Bike! A Manual of Beginning to Advanced Technique by William Nealy 1992
Mountain Bike! Northwest Washington A Guide To Trails & Adventure by John Zilly 1998
Mountain Bike! Southwest Washington A Guide To Trails & Adventure by John Zilly 1998
The Mountain Biker's Cookbook by Jill Smith-Gould 1997
The Mountain Biker's Guide to O'ahu by John Alford 1995
The Mountain Biker's Guide to the Pacific Northwest by Laurie and Chris Leman 1994
Mountain Biking for Women by Robin Stuart & Cathy Jensen
Mountain Biking the Hawaiian Islands Mauka to Makai, Second Edition by John Alford 2000
Mountain Biking Michigan by Erin Fanning and Keith Radwanski 2002
Mountain Biking The Pacific Northwest by Laurie and Chris Leman
Mountain Biking For Mere Mortals by Michael Hodgson 1992
Mountain Maintenance Repairing and Maintaining the Off-Road Bicycle, Third Edition by Rob van der Plas 1994
My Dog Likes to Run. I Like to Ride. How to Train Your Dog to Pull You on a Scooter on City Sidewalks & Country Paths by Daphne Lewis 1997
Need for the Bike by Paul Fournel 2001
The New Complete Book of Bicycling by Egene A. Sloane 1974
New Orleans Bicycles by Nicholas Costarides & Mary Richardson 2006
No Brakes! Bicycle Track Racing In The United States by Sandra
No Mountain High Enough - Raising Lance, Raising Me - by Linda Armstrong Kelly 2005
The Noblest Invention by the editors of Bicycling magazine 2003
The Official Tour De France Centennial 1903-2003 by Weidenfeld & Nicolson 2003
On Bicycles 50 Ways the New Bike Culture Can Change Your Life edited by Amy Walker 2011 (Aaron wrote chapter 15 on Internal Gear Hubs) Buy it!
On Your Bike The Complete Guide to Cycling by Mat Seaton 2006
On Your Bicycle The Illustrated Story of Cycling by Jim McGurn 1987
One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss 1960
The Original Mountain Bike Book by Rob Van der Plas and Charles Kelly 1988
Overcoming Cycling Ailments (booklet)by the editors of Bicycling Magazine 1984
Out-Spoken Pedals, Prose, and Respoken Tales by Ron Miller and Lary Fast 2009
Paris-Dakar à vélo L'enfer des pistes (French and English text) by Marc Paygnard & Fabien Cholley 1989
¥ The Park Tool School Instructor Manual BBB-1TG by C. Calvin Jones
Paterek Manual for Bicycle Framebuilders 3rd Edition, Revised & Rewritten By Tim Paterek 2008
Pedal: Photograhps And A Documentary Film by Peter Sutherland 2006
Pedaling Revolution How Cyclists are Changing American Cities by Jeff Maples 2009
Pedal Power The Quiet Rise of the Bicycle in American Public Lifeby J. Harry Wray 2008
Pedal, Stretch, Breath The Yoga of Bicycling by Kelli Refer 2012
The Practical Book of Bicycling by by Frances Call with Merle E. Dowd Revised and Edited by Tom Cuthbertson, author of Anybody's Bike Book 1981
The Practical Book Of Bicycling by Frances Call 1973
The Practical Cyclist Bicycling For Real People by Chip Haynes 2009
Principles of Bicycle Retailing III All New Bike Retailing Strategies For The '90s and Beyond by Randy W. Kirk 1992
The Quotable Cyclist Great Moments of Bicycling Wisdom, Inspiration and Humor Edited By Bill Strickland
The Race A Novel of Grit, Tactics, and the Tour de France by Dave Shields 2004
Reconditioning The Bicycle by The Editors of Bicycling Magazine 1979
The Recumbent Bicycle by Gunnar Fehlau 2006
Restoration by Alfred Daune Tietjen 2008
Richard's Bicycle Book by Richard Ballantine 1979
Richard's Ultimate Bicycle Book by Richard Ballantine and Richard Grant 1992
Ride Like a Pro by The Editors of Bicycling Magazine 1992
Riding & Racing Techniques by The Editors of Bicycling Magazine 1985
Riding Outside The Lines International Incidents and Other Misadventures with the Metal Cowboy by Joe Kurmaskie 2003
The Road of Dreams A Two-Year Bicycling and Hiking Adventure Around the World by Bruce B. Junek 1991
Roads To Ride A Bicyclist's Topographic Guide to Alameda, Contra Costa and Marin Counties by Grant Petersen with Mary Anderson 1984
Roll Around Heaven All Day A Piecemeal Journey Across America by Bicycle by Stan Purdum 1997 (signed by Author)
Ron Kitching's Hand Book Everything Cycling by Ron Kitching 1970
Round Ireland in Low Gear by Eric Newby 1987
Sally Edward's Heart Zone Training Exercise Smart, Stay Fit, and Live Longer by Sally Edwards 1996
Sally Jean, The Bicycle Queen by Cari Best Pictures by Christine Davenier 2006
Heart Rate Monitor Log to Heart Zone Training (above) by Sally Edwards 1999
Schwinn (Enthusiast Color Series) by Lou Dzierzak 2002
Schwinn Bicycles by Jay Pridmore & Jim Hurd 1996
Schwinn Service Clinic Bulletins 1974
Schwinn Sting Ray by Liz Fried 1997
Schwinn Tech & Spec Guide Electro-forged Schwinns 150-1980 Version 1.0 by Geoff Greene aka greenephantom 2009
Scottish Bicycles & Tricycles by Alastair Dodds 1999
Seattle Bicycle Atlas by Carla Black and Angel Rodriguez 1985
Short Bike Rikes Eastern Pennsylvania William Simpson, 4th Edition 1998
Short Bike Rikes Minnesota by Mark Weinberger 1998
Sincere's Bicycle Service Manual by William Ewers 1970
Single-Track Mind by Paul Skilbeck 1996
The Six-Day Bicycle Races America's Jazz-Age Sport by Peter Joffre Nye with Jeff Groman and Mark Tyson 2006
Six Days of Madness by Ted Harper 1993
South From the Limpopo Travels Through South Africa by Dervla Murphy 1997
Spokesongs: Bicycle Adventures On Three Continents by Willie Weir 1997 Willie's website Review
The Spoking Word by Leonard Goldberg (date unknown)
Sport Cycling by Michael Shermer 1985
Sports Illustrated Mountain Biking The Complete Guide by Bob Woodward 1991
Standard Catalog of Schwinn Bicycles 1895-2004 by Doug Mitchel 2004
Street Smarts Bicycling's Traffic Survival Guide (Booklet) by John S. Allen 1993
Stumpjumper 25 Years of Mountain Biking by Mark Riedy 2005
Sturmey's Indispensable Handbook to the Safety Bicycle Safety Bicycles, Their Varieties, Construciton & Use by Henry Sturmey 1885 (reprint in a spiral bound booklet)
Sunbeam Cycles The Story from the Catalogues, Volume 2 1896-1907 by John Pinkerton and Derek Roberts 1983 (booklet)
Sunbeam Cycles The Story from the Catalogues, Volume 3 1908-1928 by John Pinkerton and Derek Roberts 1985 (booklet)
Swim Bike Run Technique, Training, Racing by Wes Hobson, Clark Cambell and Mike Vickers 2001
Tackle Cycle Sport This Way by Robin Frood-Barclay 1962
Tales From The Bike Shop by Maynard Hershon 1989
Tales From The Toolbox Inside a Professional Cycling Team by Scott Parr with Rupert Guinness 1997
Ten Speed Commandments An Irreverent Guide to the Complete Sport of Cycling by Mike Keefe 1987
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Vashon Island Mountain Bike Trails ....... FREE copies on web.
Velo NewsTraining Diary A Weekly Log for Tracking Your Cycling Fitness by Joel Friel 1997 (You may tear out a page to copy the format!)
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¥Technical Manuals by Component Makers like Gripshift, Sachs, Campagnolo, old SunTour, Mavic, Rock Shox, Pro-Flex and many others are available for reference.
¥Encyleopedia Guide to Alternatives in Cycling ALL ISSUES
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