As you can clearly see from the above picture, a properly set up cantilever brake will give you as much mud clearance as a 'cyclocross specific' brake. Regular 'low profile' cantilevers are easier to set up and have more stoping power and modulation. They take less hand pressure at the lever to stop and you can use regular thick brake pads for longer wear!

Leonard Zinn's opinion.

Cyclocross in Lincoln Park November 25, 2001

Marymoor Cyclocross


Pat Bentson
The man behind the course.
Did you see that root?
Junior Start
Who is this?
Generic Rider #1
Leana Gerrard
Mr. Carbaugh
Kathy Smith
Trevor Mormon

Below is a race report written by Craig Undem.

Lincoln Park, Seattle Wa. November 25th, 2001

    As you watched the Vashon Ferry leave dock through the huge Madrona trees rimming the grassy playfields of majestic Lincoln Park, you were praying you had your REI jacket to protect you from the rain and 45 degree wintry temperatures that turned grass and trail to mud. looking up you could hear the cheering drift through the trees before the first racer head bounced on the horizon, then the stream of racers snaked past, all racing along the tight rope in search of State Championship hardware and bragging rites for the next year.

    The team of KONA/Voicestream including Dale Knapp (1st man) Erik Tonkin (3rd) and Ann Grande (1st woman) earned the bulk of the medals in the elite field with the only serious threat coming from K2's Jonny Sundt who led the first few lap before the revitalized grand papa of NW cross, Knapp, put the hammer to the medal and the sparks flew.

    62 racers under the age of 18 competed and many walked away with state championship medals or raffle prizes from REI and Aaron's Bike Repair, our race day sponsor. This was a new course and nobody could have predicted, except for the creative course master Pat Bentson, that power would be the premium commodity on a course that made most of it's elevation gain in one long, painful pitch of climbing with a few short respites. Every rider gained respect for this course in short order, and either listed the deceptively long climb their favorite, or most dreaded part of their bid for the state title.

    A strong contingent from Oregon that placed 4 riders in the top 10 added flavor to the elite men's race. Just like Steilacoom it was Jonny "the Cat" Sundt that took it out from the gun and put the hurt on the field for the first lap as every rider struggled to find his rhythm and a wheel to follow as things quickly spread thin. Knapp was the first one to chase down the Cat in a repeat of the last few races and the best match up in years. Jonny is quick with excellent skills, Dale is pure power with the determination of a pit bull. The Cat and the Dog battled again, but Dale had an ally in teammate Erik Tonkin, who also caught Sundt and then slowed him as Dale got a gap and then held it for the next 50 minutes for the long awaited win after overcoming early season injuries. Good to see Papa back. Loren Hanson (ATT Wireless) earned the Bronze medal ahead of Ronnie Schmeer (ATT) and "Home from college to win the Espoir Title" Mr. Toby Swanson.

    The women's race was won by Ann Grande (Kona/Voicestream) who seems to be finding good form as we head into the end of the domestic season. Jeanette Nussbaum (Bianchi) was 2nd and Ingrid Spies (K2) was 3rd for the Bronze. The Women's B state champion is Nicole Mann, who overcame the ferocious start and first lap lead of Joyce LaGow (Armondo's) who eventually finished with the Bronze after log wrestling with a barrier and giving Kathy Smith (Ti Cycles) a chance to gap and go for the Silver.

    The Masters 30-39 age field was again our largest as roadie, mountain biker and trackie all joined in the muddy fun. Jim "Big Daddy" Brown (RAD racing) combined forces with teammate Dale Plant (Kona) and they quickly established a gap. The two swapped leads and worked together lap after lap to build a lead over the hard chasing Dan Peterson (Aurora) who finished with a Bronze after a relentless chase that just couldn't erase the gap established in the first half of the race. Jake McCarter from Spokane stayed ahead of Todd Anderson (Enumclaw) for 4th and 5th to round out the podium. Gold went to Jim Brown, silver Dale Plant. Great racing with smiles galore for the new course as designer Pat Benson finished 8th after giving a great effort in bringing this new course to life over the last few months. Three cheers to Pat from the whole community for his hard work.

    The Masters 40-49 race was poached by Oregon rider Rich Cramer who obviously couldn't win the Washington State Title (despite racing brilliantly), so the Gold went to Randy Daniels who fought a hard race and was seriously challenged by Ted Mittlestat (K2) who eventually fell of the pace but still managed to stay ahead of two time national champion Tim Rutledge (REDLINE) and the phoenix-like rise of Eugene Pitcher, a long time contributor to the local scene making a nice comeback this season. 5th place in the state went to Michael Guthrie from Buckley.

    Masters age 50 plus was also won by a Oregon rider, Larry Smith, but State Champion was Tom Frank from Des Moines, followed by Brian Volkert who won the Silver.

    Single Speed state Champion is Jesse Carbaugh, who after eating a nutritious breakfast of chocolate donuts showed why he is a guy to watch next year when he upgrades to that new K2 he is asking Santa for, this one maybe with gears? Big Adrain Hegyvary from Bellevue won the silver, and Mr. Style Matt Kanaly took home the bronze in the "guys with one gear" category.

    In our fastest junior category we had the race of the Heat Mizer and the Cold Mizer from Christmas Story lore, as the tall and lanky Aaron Menenberg (Ti Cycles), aka Cold Mizer, capitalized on a rolled tire by the fiery Aaron Bradford (RAD Racing), aka Heat Mizer, and established an early gap. These two always seem to find a way to please the crowd and fight like brothers over a new toy and this was no exception. Mr. Bradford chased and chased but the 10-15 second gap wouldn't go away, and Mr. Menenberg rode a flawless race to hold off the Heat Mizer Bradford for the exciting win. Trevor Morman (RAD Racing) won the Bronze ahead of 4th place Mikkel Bossen and 5th place Aaron Wilkinson.

    Mickey Buckly from Olympia (RAD Racing) won the gold for Girls 17-18. RAD Racing took the entire podium in the junior 15-16 Boys as David "Mr. Fan Club" Fleishauer struck gold ahead of Tucker Thomas, Stephen Howard, Mike Wentz (All RAD Racing) and single speed cross over Adrian Hegyvary.

    Leanna Gerrard from Sumner won the Girls 15-16 year title ahead of Tela Crane from Sammamish. Collin Carbaugh (RAD Racing) took his usual spot on top of the podium for Boys 13-14 year olds ahead of Jody Nace from Ferndale and John Larsey from Mercer Island. Girls of the same age were won by Amara Boursaw and the silver went to Lauren Tarte. The 10-12 year old category was won by Grant Boursaw followed by Jonathan Skeehan from Tacoma and Ian Crane, Justin Kerr and Bryan Graver.

    The hardest working men in the mud, the B's, was won by Seth Davis who now has graduated to permanent A status with a decisive win. Silver went to Alvin Nucum (Bianchi) and uber dad Mark Howlett with the Bronze.

    Beginning men was won by another guy ready to graduate to bigger things, August Wheeler from Seattle, in an impressive solo ride to victory. He was smiling way too much for us to believe he suffered. Silver medallist was the hard working Jeff Moran followed by Paul Anderson poaching from Oregon, so Joseph Ferazza from Tacoma was the Bronze medallist in this category. Chris Johns and Dave Reed (Bikefit) finished out the podium for the beginners.

    Thanks to everyone who made this a great day at one of Seattle's Gem Parks: Dave and the Red trailer calling the action and belting out the tunes, our wonderful and expedient officials, volunteer course marshals from REI and RAD racing, and especially Pat Bentson and crew for setting up a stunning course 10 minutes from downtown Seattle. Race day sponsor was Aaron's Bike Repair, West Seattle best bike repair stop. REI/Novara again displayed the big raffle prize for this Sunday's FINAL SERIES race in Federal Way, a Novara Buzz bicycle. Check out the spec. at www.REI.COM.

    See you Sunday in Federal way for another new course, a fast dash for double points and final bragging rights till next September. Look to for race directions and start times and for pictures and results.