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It wasn't long ago when you were looking for value and quality in bicycle parts the name SunTour was the brand of choice. SunTour invented the modern derailleur design and the compact drivetrain (Micro Drive). Unfortunately in the early 1990s SunTour USA closed its doors and the parent company in Japan was sold to some folks in Taiwan. The remaining inventory in Japan was sold to J&B Importers (a wholesale company based in Miami) and sold off at crazy low prices.

Smart shops stocked up on the key replacement parts, like shifters, gears and rear derailleurs, because in order for old SunTour shifting to work properly, all the parts must match. Most of the supply of old parts has run out. If you need a replacement part for a SunTour bike over 5 or 6 years old you will have to shop around. Swap meets and ebay are still good places to find parts. We still stock many SunTour parts. We even have rear derailleurs!

Rivendell Reader. Issue #14 has a whole bike load of SunTour history and facts!

SunTour Reborn:

SR SunTour is alive and well. They make basic replacement cranks, gears and derailleurs that are 100% Shimano compatible. However the new parts will not index (click shift) with pre-1995 SunTour.