A typical Point 83 Ride (July 14, 2005)

Typical Point 83 ride.

.83 (point eighty-three) is a club of Seattle-area bikers and bikettes who enjoy riding and just about everything to do with bikes. Oh, and we like beer, well most of us anyway, and those of us who like it might just like it too much ( Hell, we even have a bottle-opener in our frickin' logo!). You wont see a lot of spandex in our group, but you will see people out to have a good time. From fixed gears to mountain bikes, crazybikes to cruisers, we want everyone to be involved and having fun. We have weekly social rides, races, and even training rides for larger organized events like the STP. Pretty much the only requirement to come ride with us is that you not be a dick. So get off your ass, dust off your bike, and let's rock this shit.

To be part of the group just start showing up to our weekly Tuesday or Thursday rides, or any of our races with a friendly disposition and an open mind. To get an official .83 spoke card you need to come out to at least three weekly rides, and particiapate in one of our races. Pretty damned easy eh?