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Look Keo Pedal Recall

Mechanical Disc Brake
Cable End Length Warning


Shimano is voluntarily recalling the following bicycle cranks due to a potential safety problem, where the crank could break causing loss of control of the bicycle. These cranks bear the model number

FC-CT90, FC-M290, or FC-MC12
(numbers appear on the inner side of the right crank)

Breakage may occur which could result in
serious personal injury to the rider.

Shimano is constantly striving to improve it's products so they will meet high standards of durability and safety, for your transportation, exercise and fun. It has come to our attention that certain bicycle cranks (front gear and crank assemblies) manufactured by Shimano may develop cracks and possibly break under certain circumstances. The breakage of these bicycle cranks could result in accident or injury, and therefore, SHOULD NOT BE USED AND MUST BE IMMEDIATELY RECALLED. For you safety, we are voluntarily recalling all such crank assemblies. Recalled Cranksets are found in the Altus, Acera, and Alivio component groups. Shimano has reported this recall to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission which will monitor effectiveness.To determine if you bicycle's crank assembly is involved in this recall, you should check the crank arm in the area indicated below. If it bears one of the numbers listed below, DO NOT USE IT! Bring your bike to this shop and they will replace the cranks at no cost.

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Manitou Mach 5 forks
If you own an Answer Manitue Mach 5 fork, There has been a major recall due to cracking dropouts. This could be a potentially dangerous situation if you answer yes to any of the following questions, your fork must be sent back to Manitue for inspection or replacement.
  1. If the serial number is less than 5100149464 (The serial number is on a sticker located on one of the blades)
  2. If it has no red dot on the inside of the dropout

If there is a red dot on the dropout it should be OK even if the serial number is less than 5100149464. If the serial number is greater than this the fork is OK. . Return the fork right now to your Manitue dealer, or to find the dealer nearest you call:


Scott Unishock forks
Certain models of "Unishock" front suspension forks sold since 1992 have been recalled due to cracking crowns, and loss of bonding at the dropouts and legs. If your fork Scott Unishock fork has the markings listed below it is subject to this recall.
  1. "SCOTT" logo on the side of each fork leg and a sticker on the front of each leg containing the mark "UNISHOCK" and the designation:
  2. S
  3. LF
  4. VR
  5. TX
  6. R or LFR
  7. Your crown is stainless and NOT chrome plated

Forks bearing the name "UNISHOCKS" but not bearing one of the model designations listed above, are not affected. These non-affected forks are also identifiable by the color of the fork legs, which are white, and have chrome plated cro-mo crowns.
Please return these forks right now to your Scott Unishock dealer or call :