Home Bicycle Mechanic's Tool Kit

(Listed in order of frequency of use)

This Kit was designed by ABR for value, price and most bicycles built since 1985.
Some older bikes or unique bikes may require more special tools.

Start with:
Bondhus Ball Hex Key Set (1.5 - 10mm)
8 through 17mm Combination Wrench Set
#2 Phillips and 1/8" & 1/4" Regular Screwdrivers
12" Adjustable Wrench (make sure it opens to 36mm)
Needle Nose Pliers
Channel Lock Pliers
an Awl
Diagonal Cutters (a.k.a. dikes, nippers or side cutters)

Then add:
Park TL-1 Tire Levers (3) (Break one and we will give you a new one!)
Cyclo Rivoli Universal Chain Tool
Park SW-7 Multi-Size Spoke Wrench
Park DCW-1 13-14mm Cone Wrench (2)
Park DCW-2 15-16mm Cone Wrench (2)
Park DCW-3 17-18mm Cone Wrench (2)
Park HCW-16 15mm Pedal Wrench / Chain Whip (Sprocket Tool)
Park FR-5G Hyperglide Cassette Lockring Tool
Dualco Grease Gun
Park CN-10 Cable / Housing Cutter
Park CWP-6 Cotterless Crank Puller
Park HCW-4 36mm Bottom Bracket Fixed Cup Wrench / Adjustable Cup Pin Spanner
Park BBT-2 Tool For Shimano Bottom Brackets
Park BBT-18 Tool For ISIS Bottom Brackets
Park BBT-5 Bottom Bracket and Cassette Lockring Tool for Campagnolo
Park BBT-19 Bottom Bracket Tool for X-Type (outboard bearing) BBs
Park HCW-15 32/36mm Headset Wrench
Park CNW-1 Chainring Bushnut Wrench

Other tools to add as you advance:
Park TNS-1 Star Nut Setter
Park Black, Green & Red Color Coded Spoke Wrenches
Vernier Calipers
Truing Stand
Dishing Tool
Park AV-4 Hub Axle / Pedal Spindle Vise
Effecient Velo True Arc Derailleur Alignment Tool
Park FFG-1 Drop-Out Alignment Tools
Pedros Rockstand Workstand

Aquiring new tools is part of the constant fun of being a bicycle mechanic!

We often update, replace and upgrade our shop tool set. Stop by and see if you can buy some of our older tools. They are by no means worn out, just used. Worn & broken tools go in the recycling bin. Also remember, no mechanic can afford cheap tools!

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