Steel Lugged Bikes

Seattle Made Rossman Cycles

Lugs are STILL the best way to join steel tubes, all things considered, and they look awesome!
Come by for a fitting today! You won't be sorry and your grand kids can ride the bike too.

Our happy lugged steel bike owners:

Morris (Rivendell Rambouillet)

Morris (Rivendell Quickbeam)

Marc (Rivendell Atlantis)

Vickie (Rivendell Bleriot)

Adam (Rivendell Atlantis)

Nathan (Rivendell Atlantis)

Chris (Kogswell Model P)

Pat (Rivendell Atlantis)

Tom (Rivendell Rambouillet)

David (Rivendell Atlantis)

Karol (Heron)

Aaron (Rivendell Bleriot)

Sean (A. Homer Hilsen)

Gregg (Giordana)

Russ (Rivendell Atlantis)

Jared (Rivendell Atlantis)

Pete (Rivendell Atlantis)

(Rivendell Atlantis)

Jamie (David Wilson Cykel)

Chris (Rivendell Atlantis)

Nate (Rivendell Atlantis)

Michael (Rivendell Atlantis)

Alastair (Colnago Master)

Ellen (Rivendell Atlantis)

Did not want to be identified on the web!

Misty (1974 Raleigh International)

Dan (Schwinn Paramount)

Peter (Biemmezeta)

Rick (Rivendell Ramboulet)

Craig (Kogswell Model P)

Michael (Kogswell Model D)

Tom (Specialized Sirrus)

Martin (Rivendell Atlantis)

Myra (Rivendell Atlantis)

Ro (Motobecane)

Rick (Heron Randonneur)

Mike (Kogswell Model P)

Ray (Rivendell Atlantis)

Pete (Rivendell Atlantis)

Lisa (Rivendell Atlantis)

Tim (Rivendell Atlantis)

Paige (Rivendell Atlantis)

Roger (Rivendell Atlantis)

Susie (Rivendell Atlantis)

Dennis (Rivendell Atlantis)

Ray (Rivendell Atlantis)

Steve (Rivendell Atlantis)

John (Rivendell Atlantis)

Todd (Rivendell Atlantis)

Sue (Rivendell Atlantis)

Ken (Rivendell Atlantis)

Joe (Rivendell Atlantis)

John (Rivendell Atlantis)

Clifford (Rivendell Atlantis)

John (Heron Touring)

Andrew (Heron Road)