The Leapfrog has been created with the perfect balance of modern technology and time tested design to yield a dignified, comfortable, and extremely stable ride for urban voyages in all seasons. The components have been selected and matched to keep maintenance to a bare minimum while offering consistent long term reliability. Internal gearing and hub mounted brakes are unaffected by weather and road grit, and the integral lighting system assures visibility at any time. The classic geometry allows the rider to easily reach the ground when stopped, while also softening the impact of suboptimum pavement. The upper body is in a relaxed position, with the rider's head well above most traffic, with no strain on the arms, neck or shoulders. The steering geometry is tuned for nimble response to your slightest whim, while the extended wheelbase adds stability in emergency situations. As a vehicle for urban mobility, the Leapfrog offers worry free durability and comfort in a distinctive and stylish package.

Detail Pictures      Our Mixtie City Bike

This bike is being designed as the ultimate low maintenance, easy to ride, comfortable commuting bike ever. It is aimed at people that live between .01 and 10 miles from where they need to go. It comes with all accessories (sans bags) that an urban biker will need. Kickstand, Fenders, Lights, Reflectors, Rack, Chaingard, Pump, Spare Tube, Tool and Patch Kit, Tire Sealant, Seat Bag, Front Basket, Water Bottle & Cage and a Bell are all standard equiptment. All components were selected with durability and low maintenance in mind.

We are always taking custom orders for your very own Leapfrog or we can help you convert your existing bicycle into a city bike. Price will vary depending on the overall quality of parts you use and the number of accessories you choose. Please feel free to "steal" our idea and have your favorite local bike shop or frame builder build you one. Send us a picture if you do. We will also be glad to consult you on your project!

We created this bike way back in 1995 and technology has evolved drastically since then. Hydraulic brakes, for example are a mature and affordable alternative to cables, and low maintenance! There are many more choices of internally geared hubs. Some things, however, like the Brooks saddle will never change!

On July 5th, 2018, the Leapfrog finally found her forever home and rider. She now lives in Othello, Washington and spends her time cruising the gravel roads that parallel the irrigation canals.

Frame Dimensions

We modeled this bike after European bikes like Batavus, Pashley only with a lighter/stronger frame and higher quality components. This bike won't be cheap, but will last a lifetime! Target retail price is between $2000 and $3000. The quality, design and value will be much higher than say the latest computer that becomes obsolete within 2 years.

Something like this:

Seattle Leapfrog Specification Sheet


Commuter Color: Your custom choice


Cro-Moly Threadless 1 1/8" Color: Black


FSA Sky Pilot


Alloy Threadless Riser


Alloy Upright City Style


SRAM Smooth Rubber

Bottom Bracket

Shimano UN-53


Single Chainring Crank 34 Tooth x 3/32"


Alloy Platform

Front Hub

Shimano NX-70 Dyno Hub with Disc Brake
Exploded Diagram
Wiring Instructions

Rear Hub

SRAM Spectro 7 Speed Hub with Shifter, Drum Brake and 22T cog

Quick Release Skewers

Front Shimano, Rear Nutted 15mm


Phil Wood 14 gauge Stainless Steel


DT Brass


Sun CR-18

Rim Strips



Standard Schrader with Slime Sealant


Michelin Transworld City

with reflective sidewalls 26 x 1.75"


Front: Avid Mechanical Disc

Rear: SRAM Drum (included with Rear Hub)

Brake Levers

Alloy 4 Finger


Gripshift, included with hub




Serfas RX Hybrid Vinyl Carbon Max


Soma Fabrications 27.2 x 400mm Silver


SKS Chromoplastic 50mm Silver

Mud Flap

Headland or Electra, Your Choice


Bush & Muller 6V Lumotec with Standlight

Rear Rack

Alloy Standard


Bush & Muller 6V Generator
and Cateye LD-550 mounted on rack


ESGE Double-legged Center Stand

Chain guard

Pashley Fully Enclosed

Here is what the large frame size will look like.

We used this web based Frame Design (CAD) Program to design this bike.

Below are some pictures of possible componets.

Our prototype framebuilder, Rick Gnehm

The bike was painted and future frames will be painted by Matt Houle of Bicycle Specialties

Our first Leafrog-like bike we have sold.
Built with many of the low maintenance features of the Leapfrog on a custom painted Electra Townie.