Bicycle Disc Brakes

Hydraulic Brake Service Rates

Since the first bicycle hydraulic disc brakes came out about 1995. There have been many changes both good and bad. The industry tends to settleon a few standards which makes our job easier and give you a better value. But those standards often change! Things like standard rotor size, bolt pattern, frame mounts, etc.
Modern cable-operated brakes work OK for most conditions but actually require more frequent maintenance than hydraulic. If you ride in muddy conditions, or haul cargo consider hydraulic. Hydraulic and mechanical disc brakes, like all performance equipment, still require regular maintenance. The fluid in a hydraulic system, for instance, should be changed at least once a year, more often if you ride in extreme conditions: lots of extended downhill, mud, etc. Most mechanical systems require constant attention to the stationary brake pads. Usually this is done with a red knob or 5mm allen or T-25 Torx wrench. Cable operated brakes should not be adjusted with cable barrel adjusters.

To convert to disc brakes, visit us for an evaluation and estimate. Get the front wheel done first.
All our hand built wheels come with a Lifetime Wheel Guarantee.

If you have any brand of mechanical disc brakes, make sure your cable end cannot get caught in your rotor!
Avid's Warning
Note the cable in the picture, from the Avid website, is even too long!

Advantages of Disc Brakes

  • Same braking wet or dry
  • Rims last longer
  • Tire sidewalls stay clean and last longer
  • No brake pad tire cuts!
  • Discs take a long time to wear out. Replace them at 1.50mm thickness. Check them every 6 months. Use a micrometer NOT a vernier caliper because discs wear concave. We recommend Dirty Dog MTB Rotors. They are the longest wearing we have found!
  • You can wax your rims and tire sidewalls for awesome mud shedding.
    Check out our secret sauce, (aka Vinyl and Rubber Dressing) at Griot's Garage.
  • Run with an out of true wheel, even a bent spoke! Get it fixed soon, though.
  • Less hand pressure required at the brake lever.

Some Common Disc Brake Brands
Sun Race

We use Valvoline SynPower Brake Fluid on all Hayes, Grimeca, Hope, ProMax, Sram and any others that use DOT 3 or 4. It exceeds government specs and if fully mixable with the fluid currently in your system. We don't even charge you for it. A whole quart cost us $5 at the auto parts store! If you really want the Hayes fluid we can sell it to you, 4 ounces for $8. Hydraulic systems should be bled once a year. Unfortunately, the bike industry has not settled on one brake fluid. Some systems like Cannondale, Shimano and Magura use special fluid or specially formulated mineral oil. We stock all these special fluids.

The below 2 images show the special tool required to properly face disc brake tabs.
It is very expensive and made by
Cyclus Tool of Germany.