Bicycle Lights
State Law on Bike Lights

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Why we don't sell front green or yellow blinky lights, only true white.

Below are just a few of the lights we sell. Visit us to see the latest models. Light technology is changing fast!

H e a d l i g h t s :

Busch & Müller
IQ Cyo N with Standlight

We sell many of the same lights available from Peter White Cycles, including Bush and Müller, Schmidt and Shimano Lights and Hub Generators


T a i l l i g h t s :

(also legal as
a CPSC reflector)
(mounts to fender)


L i g h t     S e t s :



Marwi Generator Set


Rock the Bike Down Low Glow
Bicycle neon ground effects.
Cars honk with approval instead of disdain!


H e l m e t     L i g h t s :


Planet Bike
Front Helmet Light
Sport Spot


Planet Bike
Rear Helmet Light


Reflective Housing Sleeve

Front green or yellow blinky lights are dangerous!

The GREEN or YELLOW front blinky lights seen on many bikes offer little benefit.
Here is why:

  • They are a "random element in the traffic mix", drivers may not know if you are coming or going!
    (Green means go! Yellow looks like a construction barracade)

  • They are not standard! Car drivers may think you are something else.

  • The green or yellowish light doesn't penetrate very far. Red light travels a long way.
    This is why car taillights are red and why Christmas lights all look orange or red from far away.
    The blue and green ones dim out over distance.

  • Also, all blinky lights are harder to see from inside a car on a rainy night. Solid red is better.