Bicycle Suspension Service

Bicycle suspension technology changes about as fast as personal computers. While it is not impossible it is very unprofitable for most shops to stock all the tools and parts needed to service every shock out there. Fork makers generally discontinue stocking replacement parts after just a few years. Some suspenisons are not user or shop serviceable and some require very expensive tools.

Many older forks, however, are still serviceable (even Rock Shock's first fork the RS1!)
At Rat City Bikes, we can do Lower Leg Service on most shocks. For full rebuilds we recommend"
Butter Suspension
The Shock Howse
Push Industries

For Cannondale Headshock and Lefty service:
Mendon Cyclesmith

A vintage fork Air/Oil Chart.

We use Bardahl multi-weight or custom weight synthetic suspension fluid. Not only is it made in Ballard, but it is of the highest quality and compatable with all suspension systems.

In addition to servicing suspension forks and rear shocks, the suspension linkage needs occasional service. High quality full suspension frames usually use cartridge bearings. We stock all sizes of bearings. Older suspenion arms may use bushings, and you will need to call the bicycle manufacturer to see if parts are still available (many are). If not, there are insutrial part alternatives from
McMaster-Carr or custom machined parts.

Below are pictures of actual suspensions we have serviced: