Some of the best single track around is just 5 miles from West Seattle! It only takes about 45 minutes to get there by bike, and that includes the ferry ride!
Come join us for offroad rides most Sundays to Vashon Island. Meet at the shop at 11:30 AM and ride to the ferry at the Fauntleroy Dock. We shoot for catching the 11:40 AM or 12:20 PM boat. There is a quick offroad ride thru Lincoln Park on the way to the ferry. The total distance is usually 20 - 25 miles of easy to moderate pace and we stop to regroup at intersections. We are doing this for fun! If you would like to try it on your own see below for a map or DirtWorld.com or Evergreen Mountian Bike Alliance for a trail description.

Other places we like to ride are include, North SeaTac, South SeaTac (a.k.a. Des Moines Creek Park), Tapeworm (a.k.a. Phillip Arnold Park) and others.

CALL SHOP FIRST BEFORE YOU SHOW UP TO SEE IF WE ARE GOING. (206) 938-9795 or email info@rideyourbike.com to verify we are going. Rain might cancel!
Click here for pictures of our shop rides. See also our Clubs Page

Pictures of one Vashon ride.

Click the below map for a more current version.

Vashon Trails MapVashon Trail Maintenance Ride


We sponsor many Cargo Bike Rides throughout the year.


If you like road riding check out Cascade Bicycle Club (206) 522-BIKE for a road ride almost every day of the week.
We keep the most current copy of the Cascade Courier at the shop. It has the ride calendar in it.


Ride Around Puget Sound
Cascade Bicycle Club offers many popular rides like the Chilly Hilly, STP and RSVP.
Most Bike Clubs offer rides as well.

Below are Maps of the closest, best off road trails to West Seattle.