Aaron's Bicycle Repair Library and FREE Internet Cafe'

2011 Update: This page was created way back in 1999 when dial-up was normal and high-speed internet was rare. Since then wi-fi is everywhere and people sit in coffee shops online. Google is a verb. The internet is more and more about shopping. This is bad for local businesses. 10% of all retail purchases are now online. We still think the internet is best when it is free and used for information. Human interaction is lost by shopping online. That is why we don't sell online.

We have free wi-fi at our shop. Just ask us for the password when you come by. Check your email, have some FREE COFFEE or just sit on the couch and read a book. Remember those rectanguler paper things?

We have over 375 bicycling books and a few videos available for you to check out. It is a free service we offer, but we do take a refundable security deposit for each book. We also subscribe to most bike-related newsletters, quarterlies and magazines.

When downtown visit our friends at Cyber Dogs Internet Cafe Vegetarian! They make amazing hot dogs. If you love hot dogs, then this is the place. No more mystery meat! Tell them we sent you.

Or...........just sit and pet Quincy or the cats!