Sadly, Quincy died in 2006, we still miss him.

Status: Single Fixed Dog, Male Pomeranian

Weight: 3.5 Pounds

Height: 10 inches

Rides: In Burley trailer

Commute to work: 2.5 miles

Favorite bike part: Loose ball bearings, Yum!

Favorite animal: Humans

Favorite food: Food, where?

Worst ride moment: Tipping over in Burley trailer

Best ride moment: When a squirrel crossed my path!

Quincy is 12 years old. He is a perpetual puppy and an endless lap dog. He likes everyone except when little kids try to grab him. He never bites. However he may lick you. He loves when other dogs come vist at the shop. He will even share his Tasty doggy treats! He loves the shop cats Presta and Schrader.

Quincy left our lives in 2006. Literally left one night. He got out of the house never to be seen again. He was almost blind and deaf and not very active. He seemed sad. He was over 15 years old. Perhaps he went away to die. We miss him!