Bikestation Seattle opened on May 16th, 2003, Bike To Work Day!

Aaron's Bicycle Repair no longer has any official affiliation with Bikestation Seattle.
However, we still support them and hope that someday, they are as prevalant as car parking garages!

Bikestation Seattle
311 3rd Avenue S
Seattle, WA 98104

V. (206) 332-9795
F. (206) 332-9796
Metro Lost Bikes (206) 903-8075

What is a Bikestation?
Basically it is a bicycle parking garage. Bikestation Seattle is a large double decker bike rack located inside of a bike shop. The garage part is open 24/7 to members. It offers secure, safe and dry bicycle parking for everyone during shop business hours. The shop offers parts and accessories, repair, bike rental, and rain gear. Bikestation Seattle is located in Pioneer Square in the historic Mottman Building, 311 3rd AVE South (the space on the left, located just north of the Seattle Police Museum). Also Metro's lost and found bicycles (bikes left on a Metro bus) can be picked up there.

As a clean mobility center Bikestation will also offer information on Flexcar, Metro Buses, Ridesharing/Carpooling, bike maps and everything else related to getting around without a single occupant vehicle.

Views from inside.
Check back for more progress!

Pictures from the Shop Construction in early 2003.