Frame Mounted Basket Bike

With the help of Haulin' Colin we built this bike. Colin will do this for any steel framed bike. Cost is around $200 plus the basket, paint job extra. The Wald Giant Delivery is the recommended choice for the basket.
Many city bikes these days come with a front basket. Several companies are even making large platforms or racks for larger loads.
Heavy loads when loaded on the fork affect the steering and these bikes will just fall down with a regular kickstand. They need a centerstand and a steering stablizer (or lock) like the Hebie made spring type. Mounting the basket to the frame solves these problems. Just like the old Schwinn Cycletruck. The only difference is Colin is adapting existing used bike stock As cargo needs become greater, more companies will start making smart cargo bikes again. A 20" front wheel is smarter and a steeper head angle and smaller wheel give lower trail, which makes the bike handle better at low speed with a heavy load. Bilenky makes a similar bike.

Version 1.0

Version 2.0

Version 3.0

Here is a replica of Val's famous Dreadnought. We call this the Dreadnought 2
The frame was repaired and basket installed by Haulin' Colin. The Xtracycle was re-inforced by Val Kleitz and the whole thing was painted by Seattle Powdercoat.