Mixtie City Bike

The mixtie frame style has been around for over 100 years. Next to the double diamond safety bike (think regular frame), the mixtie frame is the strongest, light way to make a frame out of tubes. Wrongly reffered to in America as a ladies bike, it is ridden in many countries by men and women. By using two smaller top tubes that extend all the way back to the rear drop-outs the weak point at the seat tube is eliminated. We have seen many a standard ladies bikes bend or crack at that point. Mixtie (or ladies) bike let folks in nice clothing ride a bike without swinging a leg over the seat. They also protect the gonads in event of a quick dismount!

Component Highlights:

SRAM Spectro 7 speed internally geared rear hub. This gives the same gear range as a standard road bike without the super high down hill racing speeds. Ask youself, at what speed are you OK with just coasting? 30 MPH? Internal gears give you that. This chart compares gear ratios. The SRAM S7 hub is very similar in gear ratios to the Shimano Nexus 8.

Sturmey Archer Dyno-Drum front hub with brake and generator (light set ready)
Brooks B-18 Saddle with Brompton setback for comfort and cargo bike power!
Comfortable Promenade Handlebars
Hebie Chainglider fully enclosed chaincase
Sun CR-18 rims and Schwalbe Marathon Plus Flatless tires (26 x 1 3/8"; 650A, EA3; 590mm, think Raleigh 3 speed size)
Berthoud Stainess Steel fenders.
Brooks leather mud flap.