Bikes that Haul. Cargo Bikes and Trailers


We believe that most tasks can be done by bicycle. Here are some photos and links to get your grey matter sparking. Come visit us for more inspiration and ideas. Send us your photos of loads to post here.

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Cargo Bike and Trailer Links
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Center for Appropriate Transport
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Chariot Carriers
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Community Bike Cart Design
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Shift 2 Bikes (Move By Bike Portland, Oregon)
Oregon Bicycle Constructors Association
Organic Engines
Quik-Pak Bicycle Trailers
Red Bike Trailer (formerly Dayworks Recycled Trailer)
Tony's Trailers
Work Bikes

Below are picture of just some of the possibilities! Imagination and leg strength are the only obstacles. Oh, and hills! Why are Americans so lazy? Could it be that gasoline is still cheaper than at any time in history (compared to income)? People say they care about the environment. What is it going to take to get them to act like it? Let us show YOU the way! Stop by for first hand knowledge about hauling things with your bike!