Xtracycle Fun Ride

Saturday July 23rd, 2005; 6:30 PM

Scroll down for pictures of the ride. We had 7 Xtracycles!

Our second ride.


If you don't know what an Xtracycle is then click here or go to Xtracycle.com

We rode from the shop to Alki Beach, around Duwamish Head and back (about 11 miles). We stopped for a pic-nic/potluck on the beach. In the spirit of no waste, everyone brought his/her own reuseable, plate, cup and eating utensils. We packed out our recycling too. We only had 1 small bag of trash!

This ride was not just for Xtracyclers. All bikers, cyclists, riders and passengers were invited! We had 2 kid passengers!This ride was all about the usefullness of the bicycle. Cargo hauling is THE key feature of the Xtracycle and since it is still a bicycle it is very fun to ride!