A Haulin' Colin Fourth
Cargo Bike Picnic Ride

Independence Day 2012 at Noon

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This July 4th will be the 6th Annual Independence Day Cargo Bike Ride & Picnic. Come ride with us to celebrate your independence from motor vehicles and gasoline (isn't it about time?). All kinds of bikes and bikers are welcome. CARGO BIKE NOT REQUIRED! Expect to see lots of Xtracycles, Bakfietsen, Trailers, Customized Racks, Baskets, and more!

Meet at the Pergola at First and Yesler in Pioneer Square at noon, leave at 1 PM. The destination is Terminal 107, a very pleasant park hidden among the industry along the Duwamish waterway. We'll stop at Uwajimaya for supplies, then take a tour of the bike path that follows the new light rail tracks, head west across the West Seattle Bridge and south along West Marginal Way to the park.

Hope to see you there! -Haulin' Colin

Note: There are no bathroom facilities at this park, but pleny of bushes. Plan accordingly!