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Xtracycle Parts Recommendations


Disc Brake, Deraileur (Parts Mix)


Your MTB frame or a Surly Big Dummy
Steel frames are recommended but Aluminum work OK


Rigid (Surly, Dimension or Tange)


FSA Pig or Chris King


MTB Style 1 1/8" Threadless (length to be determined by your fitting)
Any brand will do.


Nitto Albatross (steel cro-mo version) or Dimension City

Tape or Grips

You decide, Lock-on style prevent them from sliding off.

Bottom Bracket

Shimano UN-54 square taper


Shimano FC-M440 175mm 22-32-44 tooth Silver Crankset


Platform with Power Grips

Front Hub

Surly NEW Disc 36 hole

Rear Hub

Shimano Shimano HF08 48 hole rear tandem hub, 145mm spacing
The axle must be cut down to 135mm, easy and quick.
A disc brake is possible with a Hugi - DT Swiss tandem drum to disc adaptor but it must be cut thinner 10mm by a us or a machine shop.

Must be cut in half for use with 135mm spacing (we do it at the shop).

or Phil Disc Cassette Hub

Quick Release Skewers

Shimano if you want them otherwise
Solid bolt-on axles are stronger and more secure.


Phil Wood 14 gauge


DT Brass


Sun Rhyno Lite 26" x 36 front; 48 hole rear
24" wheels are recommended for the Big Dummy and can work on standard Xtracycles too.
Trail is lowered and wheel durablility is improved.

Rim Strips

Velox (will out last your rim!)


Rubber (ones that hold air) IRC are very nice.
Schrader valves are more durable.


Schwalbe Big Apple or Fat Frank 26/24 x 2.35"

Front Brake

Hayes HFX-MAG HD V8 Hydraulic Disc
Cable actuated or single piston disc brakes are NOT recommended.

Rear Brake

Your favorite V-Brake (Kool-stop Salmon colored brake pads are recommended)
Or pony up the cash for a Disc in the rear too.


Really a personal choice.
We recommend Shimano 8 Speed Rapid-Fire for the best durability.

Front Derailleur

Shimano Deore

Rear Derailleur

Shimano Deore XT


SunRace 8 Speed 11-34


SRAM PC-830 (times 2)


Brooks (any from the B-60s or B-70s series)


Soma Fabrication Single Bolt (True Micro-Adjustable) 27.2mm (Nitto Copy)
Thompson seatposts should not be used with Brooks saddles due to rail breakage.

Notes & Thoughts:

    The above lists are, of course, just suggestions. There are way too many options with bicycles to list them all. These are parts we stock and have had good luck with. They are durable and offer good value for the price. Everyone that works at ABR rides an Xtracycle (except Mikey). We have built several deluxe Xtracycles for over $5,000! It makes sense to spend that kind of money if you are replacing a car.

    We have helped over 50 people build their Xtracycles. Most of our customers eventually switch to upright handlebars. High handlebars are great for climbing Seattle's hills because they allow you to lean back and pull on the handlebars. The long wheelbase of the Xtracycle prevents the front wheel from lifting off the ground! With heavy loading and steep hills you will need powerfull, durable and reliable brakes. Hayes disc brakes have proven themselves to be just that! However, if your villa is not so hilla, then you can substitue a V-brakes. Understand, though that your rims will wear out sooner. Standard, old fashioned cantilevers will also work fine on the front. Another option is a SRAM or Sturmey Archer front drum brake hub for the ultimate in low maintenance. However, the braking power is different and you will need to ride the brakes on steep hills. Drum brakes can handle extreme heat build up without fading. Sturmey Archer even makes a model with a Dynamo for your lights!

    If you want to use a 36 hole rear hub then we recommend heavy duty spokes. Phil Wood makes 13-14 gauge single butted spokes with the thick end at the elbow.