Sturmey Archer Internally Geared Hubs

Sturmey-Archer Spare Parts

Custom Sturmey-Archer and Sachs/SRAM cables made by us.
No more ugly cable eyebolt clamps!
We also sell the OEM parts here.

Sturmey-Archer TC 2-Speed Fixed Gear

Sturmey-Archer S2 2-Speed Duomatic Kickback Hub

Sturmey-Archer S2C 2-Speed Duomatic Kickback Hub with Coaster Brake

Sturmey-Archer made Brompton Wide Range (BWR)

Sturmey-Archer CS-RF3 Cassette 3 Speed Hub

Sturmey-Archer RX-RD3 Rotary Shift 3-Speed Hub with Drum Brake

Sturmey-Archer S3B 3-Speed Hub with Small Diameter Drum Brake

Sturmey-Archer TCW Mark 1 Three Speed with Coaster Brake

Sturmey-Archer TCW Mark 2 Three Speed with Coaster Brake

All TCW hubs should NOT be used without 2 hand brakes!
For more information visit Sheldon Brown's TCW page

Sturmey-Archer ASC Fixed-Gear Three-Speed Hub
Sean purchased this on ebay for around $500 and is using in on the streets of Seattle.

After about 700 miles the aluminum hub shell failed but the internals were fine.
The hub and wheel were rebuilt with a 40 hole steel hub shell. The guts are the same!

The rebuilt wheel with a steel TCW hub shell.

Sturmey-Archer AWC England
Note: This is from an adult trike.

Sturmey-Archer S3X 3-Speed Fixed Hub
Note: This is the proto-type, production guts may vary.

Sturmey-Archer AM 3-Speed Medium Ratio Hub

Note the photo shows the single indicator chain NOT the 2-part withthe left side indicator rod.
All AM hubs can be converted by replacing the axle key with a threaded hole version and a new AW type indicator chain.

Sturmey Archer FG 4 Speed Dynohub from 1956

Sturmey-Archer FW 4 Speed (same hub as above but without the dynamo).

Sturmey-Archer FM 4 Speed Hub from 1951

Cog Removed

Sturmey-Archer X-RD4

Sturmey-Archer S5 Hub Gear from 1967 (bell crank version)

Sturmey-Archer X-RD5

Sturmey-Archer 5 Speed (English Made)

Sturmey-Archer Sprinter 5 Speed (English Made)

Sturmey-Archer 5 Speed (Taiwaneese Made, parts compatible with English version)

The Drum Brake Version

Sturmey-Archer Wide Range X-RD5 (w)

Sturmey-Archer Sprinter 7 Speed Coaster (English Made)
Here are higher quality images Coaster and Freewheel versions.

Sturmey-Archer X-RF8 Eight Speed

Sturmey-Archer X-RK8(w) Eight Speed Wide Range Disc

Sturmy-Archer 70mm X-FDD Dynamo Drum Hub
Note: Bicycle generator hubs produce AC current. Dynamos produce DC current.
Dynamo is a misnomer. They are actually alternators.

In this picture, a spacer is broken and the wire is severed.

A Sturmey-Archer AW Hub from May 1979
Exploded Diagram              Cut-Away View

Sturmey-Archer S3C Tricoaster 3 Speed Coaster Brake

Sturmey-Archer TF 2 Speed Fixed Geard from 1933

We have most parts for the Sturmey-Archer SW Hub from the 1950s
We have parts for both the Mark1 (1954) and the Mark 2 (1958)