SRAM G8 Disc Brake Hub Disassembly Procedure
All SRAM G8 and G9 hubs are similar to this example.


This is the disc version, for coaster see the reassembly below and reverse steps.

One or more sun gears may stay on the axle when you remove the planet carrier.

The next 2 pictures show the pawl spacers on the disc version.
The coaster version has driver pawls and a pawl retraction ring with 3 springs.

The yellow mark was done in Photoshop. Following pictures do not always show the mark.


This is the coaster version, for disc see the reassembly above and reverse steps.

The following 3 steps show the installation of the Driver Pawl Retraction Ring and Springs.
The disc verison does not have this part, but the driver is the same. The pawls are replaced with funky shaped spacers.

Here are some clearer pictures of the sun gears nested in the planet carrier.

Once you get the planets installed it should look like the below picture.
You will need to remove the planet pinion pin on 2 of the planets to install some of the suns.
Note: the following 6 pictures are the disc version, but are applicable to the coaster.

Here are some pictures of the sun gears stacked on the axle just to show the pawls engaging.
You cannont assemble the hub this way!

The following steps show a coaster brake version, rim/disc verison is similar.

Proceed with normal coaster brake installation and adjustment.