The Spoke-n-Wrench
Volume 1, Number 1                                                          Fall 1997

About Comfort
Do your hands go numb when you ride? Does your butt hurt? Does your neck or upper back get tight and hurt when you ride? These and many other obstacles to riding can be eliminated at Aaron's Bicycle Repair (ABR). For your hands try a pair of Grandoe brand gloves with a special pad to eliminate pressure on the Carpal Tunnel (the line down the middle of your palm where the nerve to your fingers lies). Since everybody's different, we stock many different seats for men and women and with our Comfort Guaranteed Seat Policy, saddle pain is a thing of the past. Proper fit is crucial to comfort. Your back and neck will love you with a taller and/or shorter stem. Riding a bicycle does not have to be a painful experience.

Comfort Guaranteed Seat Policy
When you buy a seat from ABR it is guaranteed to be comfortable or you can exchange if for a different model for up to 30 days after your purchase. You can keep doing this as long as it takes to get comfortable. All we ask is that the seat be kept like new during your test ride.

Learn to Commute!
If you would like to ride your bike to work, but don't know how to start or have questions, then maybe you need a coach. Call the shop and we will arrange for someone to ride with you on your first day to show you the ropes. All of us here @ ABR have always ridden to work and can show you all the tricks to make your ride safe, quick and comfortable. You will save money and probably time by riding your bike to work, let us show you how. We have free bike maps of Seattle and Bellevue. See related article on last page.

ISTEA Reauthorization
Now is the time to call or write your congress person and urge them to reauthorize the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act, the law that since 1990 has allocated money to pedestrian and bicycle paths making biking and walking safer and more available. The decisions on where to spend the money is left to the local communities not bureaucrats who don't live here. For more info stop by the shop or check out the Now Bike website for a sample letter and addresses.

Update: Success!  Thanks for all your help! The new ISTEA passed! It is now called TEA 21 and has billions of dollars for bicycle and pedestrian projects to make our communities more livable. Call your congress person and tell them you support bicycle projects. Contact Cascade Bicycle Club or The Bicycle Alliance of Washington (formerly NowBike) for more ways you can get involved.

West Seattle needs a BMX track!
If you are interested in getting involved call the shop and we'll put your name in a database to keep you informed. If you (parents) would like to spearhead this project call Aaron at 938-9795. BMX, a sport invented by kids in the '70's, is as safe as baseball and gives kids that are not interested in traditional team sports a physical outlet. It promotes self confidence, fitness, and FUN. BMX races have categories for all ages and for boys and girls.

Video Vault has Props
Check out the West Seattle Video Vault across from the shop for the latest issue of Props. See amazing footage of Air Shows and flatland stunts as well as the latest BMX race coverage. Interviews and craziness make Props a must see! New issues every 2 months. Also check out the mountain bike action movies Tread and ReTread.

BMX Special Orders
Parts, Frames & Bikes

We can order any part you can imagine from companies like:

Haro                    Primo
GT                        Araya Rims
Powerlite            Clayborn Frames
Crupi Parts         Reynolds Racing
Redline                Kastan
Odyssey              Bullseye
Tioga                    Phil Wood
J.P.                        Huffy BMX
Profile                   Dia-Tech
MCS                      Dia-Compe
Bully                      SST
S.E. Racing          Shimano
Kink                        Tektro
TNT                         UGP
Peregrine               Mongoose
Tuff Neck                Fishbone
DK                            Lizard Skins
Sun Rims                SDG
Play                           Hoffman

Just 2 name a few !!!!!!!!
Stop by the shop to check out our catalogs.
(we can also order any mountain or road bike part too)

BMX Recondition : Make it new again!
H ow does your ride ride? Are the wheels loose? Do the handlebars rattle? Are you brakes easy to work? If not, for only $60 ($70 for Freestyle)+ parts ABR can make your bike work better than new . Full rebuild of all bearings and replacement of brake pads and cables. Ride by for an estimate. BMX / Freestyle bikes only!

Happy Birthday!
Bring in a copy of your birth certificate on your birthday and get a free REDLINE key chain! (kids only).

The ABR Library
If you want to know anything from how to fix a broken spoke to who invented the inner tube, then check out the ABR Library. We have over 200 books, magazines and catalogs on every subject bicycle. Everything from History to Repair. Check it out literally! For a deposit you can take a book home for a week to read.

Cycling Art for Sale
Maybe you've seen the water color in the shop near the door. We are taking orders for a limited edition run of 25 prints. Price is $25 and all copies will be signed and numbered by the artist. The painting was done in 1985 by Seattle artist Germaine Delavault from a scene in the Tour de France. Other one-of-a-kind art celebrating cycling may be available in the future.

ABR offers refills of the following product.
Bring in your old containers and save money while reducing the solid waste entering our landfills.

We also have spare patches and glue for your patch kit.

Winter Biking

Cycling in Seattle during winter is a wet and dark proposition. However, it can be done safely and comfortably with lights and fenders. Most bikes will accept fenders and all will take lights. Most water comes off the street while riding (can you say rooster tail?) and lights help you to be seen not just light your way. A front light visible from 500 feet and a rear reflector visible from 600 feet are required by law for all bicycles out from 1 hour after dusk until 1 hour before dawn or when ever conditions merit ( just like a car!) Bicycle have all the same rights and responsibilities as all other vehicles using the road. ABR carries a full selection of lights, reflectors, fenders and other safety devices.