In 2004 we moved the shop to the old Olsen's Phamacy location. We are right across the street from Thriftway between Subway and the Liquor Store next to Mail Box West. In the fall of 2008 we moved 3 doors south in the same building. West Seattle rents got too high so we escaped to Rat City in January 2013.

Floor plan idea
Pictures of inside shop

There will be no interuption of our regular business. Ken Olsen, our new landlord, has been very gracious and given us 3 months free to move in. What a nice guy! Check back for more pictures of us remodeling the space.

Also in our new space, Gypsie will practice her massage business. We are going to build her a very nice, sound proof, relaxing studio. The long skinny window horizontal in the wall is to enable bike shop customers to view the massage room and know it is there. Obviously, there will be a curtian drawn when in use!