Stem Table Conversion Chart

Use the Degrees of Rise column number in the software Stem Angle window. Use the corresponding Stem Angle to affect the actual rise desired.

Stem Angle Degrees of Rise CM of Actual Rise
74 0 0 cm
80 5 0.5 cm
85 10 1.0 cm
90 15 1.5 cm
95 20 2.0 cm
100 25 2.5 cm
110 35 3.5 cm
115 40 4.0 cm
120 45 4.5 cm
125 50 5.0 cm

Please keep in mind that Stem Angle in Degrees of Rise used in the Fit Kit Pro™ Software is synonymous with actual vertical rise of the handlebar. In other words handlebar height can be changed by affecting a combination of stem rise and stem angle.

The actual Stem Angle is the angle measured between the center line of the steerer clamp and the stem arm in a threadless stem and between the centerline of the quill and the stem arm in a quill stem.


This example would measure as a 90° stem and would yield 15° of rise or 1.5 cm of actual rise.

Raising or lowering the stem changes the reach by approximately 1 centimeter for every 2.5cm change in rise.

Fit Kit Program Note: Steer 0cm Steer Stack Refers to a standard frame with a standard 1" headset (35mm top stack) and a standard quill stem (7cm from top of stem to max line). From the center point of the Head Tube / Top Tube junction to the top of the stem would measure 12cm for a 0cm stack.