Aaron Goss

Status: Single

Rides: Cannondale Jekyll MTB, Rivendell Bleriot, Xtracycle (actually a Surly Big Dummy), Cannondale CAAD 5 Custom USA road bike, blue Colnago Tall Bike, etc.

Commute to work: 1.75 to 11 miles depending on route

Favorite bike part: Internally Geared Hubs

Favorite animal: Dog or Chicken

Favorite food: Avocado and Pizza, Duh!

Worst ride moment: Anytime riding with cold feet or hands!

Best ride moment: Riding up hill coming out of the fog with the waning crecent moon on the eastern horizon

Aaron has been working on bikes since 1976. He REALLY loves bikes and thinks they can solve our transportaion and environmental woes. He pretty much thinks cars suck! Unfortunatly he still has to drive one about once or twice a week but is working on becoming carless. He has lived in the Pacific Northwest all his life (Portland and Seattle). He graduated high school in 1984 in Oregon City, Oregon. After that he started working in bike shops and after 10 years of seeing how not to run one, he opened ABR in 1997. Aaron can be very opinionated and may piss you off. If he does, it is just because he loves bikes so much, he sometimes forgets people ride bikes! He can be very focused and not realize he offended someone. Call him on it and he will profusely apologize! Being the owner of a bike shop keeps him from working on bikes 100% of the time, but he still does his share of repair.