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A Rohloff Hub Drilled for a 48 Hole Rim

Labor to drill a Rohloff hub to 48 holes is $40 plus tax and return shipping.

Drilling the flange.

The Pattern (one side).

Chalo's wheel. He was very instumental in helping us do this.

Chalo's wheel again.

Non-Drive side drilled.

Drive Side. It is necessary to drill between each hole even though some holes do not get used, because the ones that do not get used are half of the factory drilled holes.

Chris lacing.

All laced.

Other side.


Closer look.

Ready to ride!

Spoke length is 225mm Radial (16 spokes); 245mm Crossed (32 spokes): for 26" (559mm) Sun Rhyno Lite rim.

Spoke length is 249mm Radial (16 spokes); 269mm Crossed (32 spokes): for 700C (622mm) Velocity Dyad rim.
How to lace a 48 spoke Rohloff crowsfoot.