Union Generator Sets

Bottle Set

   Bottom Bracket Set

Run Time: As long as you are moving more than 5 MPH it is on
Bulbs: 2.4 watts Front; .6 watts Rear
Power: 6 Volt / 3 Watt Generator
Both of these generators (a.k.a. Dynamos, but actually AC Alternators!) will power multiple LED head and tail lights.

The Union Generator Set is the classic, economical, low maintenance alternative. It never needs batteries and is ready to go when you are. The drag on the wheel is minimal and besides you should be riding slower at night anyway! ABR reccommends that you purchase a cheap battery headlight (like the CatEye HL-330 for $9.99) as a back up and for intersections. The generator can be pulled away from the wheel to a locked positon for daytime riding.