SRAM / Sachs Internally Geared Hubs

Above left is a SRAM Spectro 7 hub sold by us with added lubrication after 2 1/2 years riding 4 days per week.
On the right is the same guts cleaned and relubricated.
We recommend doing this service yearly, but this is a testament to proper lubrication.
This hub would have been rusty and worn if only the factory lubrication had been used.

We have imported all the repair & common wear parts for the SRAM Spectro 7 & Pentasport 5 speed hubs.

F&S Torpedo 2-Speed (underdrive)

SRAM i-Motion 3 with Coaster Brake

SRAM i-Motion 3 (no brake)

The SRAM hub is rim and ISO 6-bolt disc compatable.
If you use it with a rim brake, make sure you install the fancy dust cap as the disc rotor bolt holes go all the way through! We recommend installing, instead, six M5 "water bottle" bolts.

A benefit of this design is that the hub internals can easily be oiled with oil by removing one bolt!

Above is the official exploded diagram of the guts of the SRAM i-Motion 9 hub. They are not supposed to be disassembled completely. We stock parts 1, 1a, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 12 & 13. The hardended single use nut is crushed upon installation. Removal destroys it. IT IS NOT AVALABLE! To clean this hub we recommend a kerosene bath followed by drying and re-lubing with Phil Wood Tenacious Oil (or lighter gear oil for cold climate). We use blue marine grease on the gear teeth and the ball bearings because Seattle is a wet city.

Below is a picture of the i-Motion 9 disassembled as far as possible without removing the single use crush nut on the left.
The axle sub assembly is now easy to clean in kerosene and relube.

Full disassembly instructions

If you do remove the crush nut, we offer replacements for $30 including shipping in the USA. We had them custom made at a local bicycle machine shop. The thread is proprietary so there is no tap made. Each one was done on the lathe, hence the cost.

The following pictures were taken of a damaged hub that was NOT repaired. The parts shown are not necessarily in the right order and none are available as spares.

Damaged pawl garter spring with suspension seal wiper spring. If they are the same thickness, they can often be a suitable replacement. The loop can be unconnected and shortened. Cut the female end not the male or you cannot reconnect it. We sell custom USA made garter springs for $10 each.
The winding is 1.26mm in diameter and the unconnected length (circumference) is 67mm. You might need to splice 2 together depending on the specific replacement needed.
A SRAM i-Motion 3 driver needs two spliced together and the overall unconnected length is 99mm. A SRAM Dual Drive (1, 2 and 3) driver spring length is 76mm but our 67mm spring works fine as is. Our springs are much more durable and work fine being shorter.

Above is the kit for a SRAM i-Motion 3 hub. $32 (plus shipping)
The larger spring is to practice on.
We sell all modern
Sturmey-Archer Parts.
Pawl HSH482 just so happens to fit the SRAM i-Motion 3 Driver and Planet Carrier!

Here is a youtube vido of a nice chap showing how to shorten the spring. They are often called oil seal springs instead of garter springs.

Sachs Huret Orbit 2x7 Speed with Drum
Uses Sachs freewheel cogs on driver (similar to Dual Drive cassette hub)

The picture on the left is original factory lube after approx. X miles. On the right is after we overhauled it.
Note: Before final assembly into the hub shell we coat and inject the assembly with Phil Wood Tenacious Oil.
The blue grease you see is Sta-Lube Boat Trailer Wheel Bearing Grease.
Grease should only be used on the gears and bearings, never on sliding keys or pawl ratchets.

SRAM Dual Drive (clickbox Verson)

SRAM Dual Drive II (clickbox Verson)

The main difference between the Dual Drive and Dual Drive II is the driver.
More recent hubs have part numbers 13, 14 and 17 in the diagram above unified as seen in the diagram below.
Also washer #6 in the above diagram is sometimes much larger in newer hubs. It is listed as #7 in the below diagram and does not appear larger, but it is!
The driver cartridge bearing is visible as a separate part in the newer drawing below.
Sometimes the bearing is retained with a circlip and sometimes it is just a press fit.
It is easily replaceable with any 6901 bearing, readily available at your local bike shop.

Sachs 3 x 7

4 vs 6 Tab Clutch Differences

Sachs Torpedo Automatic 2-Speed

SRAM Automatix 2-Speed Coaster Brake (above)
Exploded diagram not available from SRAM
SRAM Automatix 2-Speed Disc Brake (below)

Instructions on how to change the shift speed

Sachs Duomatic (2 speed, Kick-Back with Coaster Brake) NEW STYLE

Sachs Duomatic (2 speed, Kick-Back with Coaster Brake) OLD STYLE

Sachs Torpedo 3 Speed Model 515 with Coaster Brake)

Sachs Pentasport 5 speed Coaster Brake
Type H 5213 (single cable)

The lube used above is SRAM Jonnisnot Plastic Shifter Grease
Which is safe on plastics. The dab of blue marine grease is only on the metal-metal parts.
It is also safe on plastics.

SRAM Spectro P5 with Drum Brake

SRAM Spectro P5 without Brake

SRAM P5 Coaster Brake

SRAM Spectro P5 with Coaster Brake

A SRAM Spectro S7 with Drum Brake

Sachs Spectro S7 (minor differences but part interchangeable)

SRAM S7 Clickbox

This is the only diagram available. Coaster and Disc (and G8-G9) are very similar.
See link below to find out more.
Disassembly, Reassembly & Overhaul Instructions

SRAM Sparc 5 Speed Electric Assist

SRAM Sparc 5 Speed Electric Assist

SRAM Sparc 5 Speed Electric Assist