Note: Aaron's Bicycle Repair does NOT sell used bikes or parts!

We recommend you try these places in this order:
Bike Works
20/20 Cycle
Bike So Good
Free Range Cycles
Craig's List
Recycled Cycles
Swap Meets
Cascade Bicycle Club
Newspaper this point totally useless!
Garage Sales


A word about stolen bikes: By Seattle city law, any shop that buys a bike from an individual for resale is considered a Used Goods Dealer and must have a used goods license ($130 per year). You can ask to see their Seattle Business License (it should be displayed prominently). They should have records of who they purchased the bike from and a copy of their ID on file. If you find your bike at a shop and you still have your original purchase reciept and the serial number AND you filled out a police report when your bike was stolen, then your should be able to get your bike back.

This is why we do not sell or buy used bikes.