Steel Lugged Bikes

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Lugged bikes are made with the craftsmanship of yesterday, and the technology of today. Long Shen is the premier lug manufacturer in the world. Steel tubing is stronger and lighter than it has ever been. Lugs make a stong beautiful joint. You need to see them in person to really appreciate them. Lugs are appropriate for touring, commuting, road or mountain bikes. A lugged steel bike will last you a lifetime. We carry Rivendell Atlantis lugged steel frames.

Any frameset or complete bike purchase from us inculdes:

Wheel Building and Assembly are extra.

Sample Specification Sheet

Geometry *:   Atlantis     Heron

Geometry Notes:
*Center to center true level frame size is approximately 1 cm longer than the listed frame 'size'.

Stand-Over Height will vary with tire size. Given range is only and estimate.

Cleaning the paint out of the Bottom Bracket threads

Our happy lugged steel bike owners:

Morris (RivendellRambouillet)

Morris (Rivendell Quickbeam)

Marc (Rivendell Atlantis)

Vickie (Rivendell Bleriot)

Adam (Rivendell Atlantis)

Nathan (Rivendell Atlantis)

Chris (Kogswell Model P)

Pat (Rivendell Atlantis)

Tom (Rivendell Rambouillet)

David (Rivendell Atlantis)

Karol (Heron)

Aaron (Rivendell Bleriot)

Sean (A. Homer Hilsen)

Gregg (Giordana)

Russ (Rivendell Atlantis)

Jared (Rivendell Atlantis)

Pete (Rivendell Atlantis)

(Rivendell Atlantis)

Jamie (David Wilson Cykel)

Chris (Rivendell Atlantis)

Nate (Rivendell Atlantis)

Michael (Rivendell Atlantis)

Alastair (Colnago Master)

Ellen (Rivendell Atlantis)

Did not want to be identified on the web!

Misty (1974 Raleigh International)

Dan (Schwinn Paramount)

Peter (Biemmezeta)

Rick (Rivendell Ramboulet

Craig (Kogswell Model P)

Michael (Kogswell Model D)

Tom (Specialized Sirrus)

Martin (Rivendell Atlantis)

Myra (Rivendell Atlantis)

Ro (Motobecane)

Rick (Heron Randonneur)

Mike (Kogswell Model P)

Ray (Rivendell Atlantis)

Pete (Rivendell Atlantis)

Lisa (Rivendell Atlantis)

Tim (Rivendell Atlantis)

Paige (Rivendell Atlantis)

Roger (Rivendell Atlantis)

Susie (Rivendell Atlantis)

Dennis (Rivendell Atlantis)

Ray (Rivendell Atlantis)

Steve (Rivendell Atlantis)

John (Rivendell Atlantis)

Todd (Rivendell Atlantis)

Sue (Rivendell Atlantis)

Ken (Rivendell Atlantis)

Joe (Rivendell Atlantis)

John (Rivendell Atlantis)

Clifford (Rivendell Atlantis)

John (Heron Touring)

Andrew (Heron Road)